Pies, Waterfalls, Bottles, And Oklahoma

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Day #2 of the road trip, which means Day #2 that I’m still stuck in NYC working in the ER for my final shift before I can rejoin the group.


A few months ago one of the places I put on my Route 66 “must-do” lists was supposedly described as serving “the best pie in the world” at A Slice of Pie in Rolla, MO.

Well, the group woke up  (and as I heard from afar, hungover) early in St. Louis, MO to get a good morning drive there. A few hours later I texted Jenn:

CalvinHow was the pie?

Jenn: I can’t tell you.

CalvinIt was that good?


Taken by Jenn Li of Map&Move


Goddammit, I’m missing out.

A few hours later I get a facebook post on my news feed from Kelvin Sage: Crossing Not So New Bridges…




An hour later Jenn texted me asking if there was anything they should check out on their way to Oklahoma City. I did a quick search on Roadtrippers and texted back: Check out Grand Falls.

No, I haven’t been there, but it sure looked pretty when a few hours later my facebook feed started popping up with images of the crew at Grand Falls, located by Joplin, MO.

That’s teamwork for you.




They then went to “The Center of Universe” an outdoor echo chamber in Tulsa, OK.


11103020_10206552055423560_1952128414879316846_n (1)
Taken by William Lau


Afterwards they drove down to the iconic POPS restaurant in Arcadia, OK, known for having 300+ sodas on tap, and its esoteric statue of a soda bottle outside:


Taken by William Lau


Finally, at around midnight, they arrived in Oklahoma City and crashed for the night. I join them in 5 hours.



- At time of posting in Oklahoma City, OK, it was 13 °C - Humidity: 91% | Wind Speed: 23km/hr | Cloud Cover: partly cloudy


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