Jean Sibelius just got served


The group woke up to a late Mexican buffet brunch (13 euros) at Shanghai Cowboy.



Before we knew it, 1pm had arrived and it was time to send off our 10 monsooners to the airport.


Watch them whip. Watch them nene.

Photo Credit: Kelvin Sage | At the airport safe and sound


Broken hearted, but not defeated, a few of us then went to check out the Sibelius monument, located in a park northwest of Helsinki. Designed by Finnish artist Eila Hiltunen, it features 600 steel pipes in a wave-like pattern to symbolize the music of Sibelius.



Afterwards the 14 remaining regrouped at Hotel Kamp at 4:30pm to board the 6pm Linda Line Express ferry to Tallinn (90 minutes) departing from the southern Makasiiterminali terminal.



We began boarding at 5:35pm.



And promptly at 6pm, our ship departed Helsinki, Finland, and Scandinavia itself for good.



The ride was a good 90 minutes and we arrived around 7:30pm, with a 20 minute walk to our hostel, Red Emperor.


Lindaline dock


Baltic States, get ready.


Tallinn before us

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- At time of posting in Tallinn, Estonia, it was 18 °C - Humidity: 64% | Wind Speed: 23km/hr | Cloud Cover: Mostly Sunny


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