Finding Nemo: The Great Barrier Reef…From Below

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Yesterday evening we saw the Great Barrier Reef from above, and this morning we saw it from below: 


After a raucous pregame at Cock & Bull and subsequent dinner at Goong Korean Restaurant involving lots of meat and soju last night, the group went to bed at around 11pm for a 6:30am wake up call to make it to the 7:15am shuttle to the reef docks.



There we congregated at the Divers Den boat docked at Finger C for an 8am check-in. After registering and getting a safety number for the manifest, we set out on a 90 minute journey towards the Great Barrier Reef.



While Isaac and Bryce started early with their certified dives, we began our introductory dive about an hour later after a crash course and group quiz on Scuba Diving. If you finish the training early, you can snorkel as much as you want around the boat until it’s your turn to dive.


Photo Credit: Mary Lin


When it was our time to dive, we rolled right in!

And found Nemo within minutes. Wasn’t that hard to find.



We did 2 dives total (an extra one costs $50 AUD), with a buffet lunch in between. The first dive covers skills training with your regulator and the second one is a more of a freer dive with your guide showing you what to take photos of.



We spent about 30 minutes for each session under the sea before beginning our slow ascents to the surface.



Nobody died and no GoPros were harmed in the making of this post. And we can’t complain when we can now claim our first dive would be at The Great Barrier Reef!



Here are some of the even crazier photos that the company taking us, Divers Den, was able to get:




- At time of posting in The Great Barrier Reef, Australia, it was 29 °C - Humidity: 71% | Wind Speed: 10km/hr | Cloud Cover: partly sunny


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