Meet The Monsooners Who Are Willing To Go Completely Off The Map!

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I’m so blessed to be part of a community where if I ever find myself in even the most remote and least traveled countries in the world (yes including the #1 least visited at only 160 tourists a year, which is where we’re celebrating New Year’s in 2 weeks!), there will be people I know there waiting for me.

We still have room if any of you still want to join us! Leave a comment below if interested and we’ll respond ASAP!


Calvin "O Captain My Captain" Sun - Expedition Leader | NYC | Emergency Medicine Physician | Columbia University '08, SUNY Downstate College of Medicine '14


Gareth “The Guvnor” Johnson - Return Monsooner (9+ trips) | Xi’an, China | Expedition Leader | Managing Director of Young Pioneer Tours


Alistair "Traffic Cop" Riddell - Return Monsooner: Mar. '17 (Scotland) | Havana, Cuba & Edinburgh, Scotland | Expedition Leader | Cuban Pioneers


Ana "Vote for ACT!" Taveras - Return Monsooner: Feb. '16 (Puerto Rico) | San Juan, PR & NYC | Columbia University


Melissa "Candy Floss" Weinmann - Return Monsooner: Jan. '17 (The Transmonglian & Tibet), Winter '16 (The Silk Road) | Chicago, Vanuatu | Peace Corps. | Loyola University Chicago


Anonymous "I'll Never Be a Monsooner // 'That Girl'" Anonymous - Return Monsooner: Feb. '16 (Puerto Rico) | Marietta, GA & NYC | Consultant, EY | Rice University


PD "Uncle Moneybags" Shah (right) - Return Monsooner: Apr. '18 (Cuba) | Washington, DC | Hedge Fund Manager | Columbia University






And where we’re actually monsooning to this winter:






The Solomon Islands




The Marshall Islands







Still interested in joining us? More details about the trip can be found here.

And space is still available! Inquire within: calvin[at]monsoondiaries[dot]com

…or leave a comment below!



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