All good things must come to an end in Tuvalu! After breakfast we walked across the street 2 minutes over to the airport to check into our 12:20 flight back to Fiji, but this time to the capital city – Suva.



No computers here, but rather tickets are handwritten:



The great thing about the airport in Tuvalu is that after we checked in, we walked back across the street to our hotel and waited there before boarding.



Because the runway is essentially another busy city intersection for most of the week, there’s an actual siren that alerts to incoming aircraft here!



The views during the 2.5 hour flight from Tuvalu to Fiji are pretty out of this world:



After landing in Suva, we transferred to Southern Cross Hotel in the city center where we began to say our goodbyes. Those of us left enjoyed our last dinner together upstairs at the local Korean Restaurant.



We had planned to go out for a final hurrah, but after 3 weeks of constant Pacific Island hopping and another monsoon to lead in 2 days, it was time to turn in early for my 10am flight to Auckland. To the next monsoon!



- At time of posting in Suva, Fiji, it was 27 °C - Humidity: 68% | Wind Speed: 16km/hr | Cloud Cover: clear


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