Nungwi Go To The Beach!

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After pushing ourselves to stay awake until 10pm last night in one of the best starts to a monsoon, we all got in a good 8 hours in of sleep and all woke up at around 6:30am.

Since most breakfast spots in Stone Town opened at 8am, we got hungry and had no choice but to “settle” on an incredible all-you-can-eat breakfast spread at the Park Hyatt Zanzibar for 45,000 shillings a person (around $20 USD):



Oh woe is us.

Since we got to see nearly all of Stone Town yesterday, we booked a boat at 9am for Prison Island to visit the giant sea turtles living there.



It’s a relatively peaceful but choppy 30 minute ride over.



Once there, we paid the admission fee to visit the giant 200-year old sea turtles that live there, gifted by the country of Seychelles.

And they literally don’t care about the even more hundreds of humans strolling around them.



After 20 minutes here we took a quick look at the former detention/quarantine center that gave this island its name.



After 10 minutes we headed back to our boat, where we drove out a few minutes out further into the ocean for some snorkeling and reef watching.



We returned to our hostel at noon, freshening up for 15 minutes, and then hopped into a van for the 1.5 hour drive up north to Nungwi Beach.



We first had a lazy lunch at Coco Cabana…



…and then spent 2 hours sunbathing, jetskiing, and kayaking here as the sun set.



We then headed back to Stone Town at 6:30pm, returning home at 8pm for dinner at the Food Stalls in Forodhani Gardens.

Now kicking back over a few drinks at the Park Hyatt before heading to bed!




- At time of posting in Nungwi, Zanzibar, it was 78 °C - Humidity: 81% | Wind Speed: 19km/hr | Cloud Cover: perfect


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