“Croix”-ing Over Back to Saint Thomas

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After beginning my weekend in Saint Croix, I began my journey back to Saint Thomas with breakfast arepas at Toast Diner by the Christiansted boardwalk. Probably the only thing open for breakfast on a Sunday at Saint Croix during shoulder season.



While having breakfast, I had the pleasure of meeting locals Kelly and her son Dylan who stopped by to say hi! Both residents of Saint Croix, they reached out when they noticed on my IG stories that I was in the area.

Nice to meet you both and thanks again for the dolphin poop Dylan!



After chatting and letting them walk me over to the seaplane terminal at the end of the boardwalk, I boarded the 10:40am Seaborne Airlines seaplane to the main capital city island of Saint Thomas for $140 USD one way per person.



This was a far cry from the 2 hour ferry ride on the way to Saint Croix from Saint Thomas; we arrived at Charlotte Amalie Harbor’s Blyden Terminal 20 minutes later at 11:00am.



Walking over to our lodging at Frenchtown, we dropped off our bags and walked back over to explore the rest of the capital city of Charlotte Amalie.



For a walking tour of downtown, you can begin at the Danish built, 17th century Fort Christian:



There’s a few exhibits on the slave trade that occurred here:



Their roof is a good start to the layout of downtown:



1 block north is Frederick Evangelical Lutheran Church:



…Then from here you can climb the historic 99 Steps for historic watchtower views:



We then returned back to sea level and walked over to the second oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere:



If you enjoy viewpoints, rent a car and head out to Drake’s Seat north of Charlotte Amalie:



You can see the British Virgin Islands from here:



And even more to the north lies world famous Magens Bay Beach for white sands and water sports:



If you enjoy your beachin’ while watching planes land, there’s one right next to the airport at Brewers Bay Beach that’s great for sunsets and spotting sea turtles:



If you’re also the romantic type, grab a sunset dinner at Lanai at the Limetree Resort:



My favorite part was feeling as if I had the whole island to myself, especially at sunsets:



But true to safe pandemic travel, this was exactly what I needed: no crowds, no indoor dining, no fuss, no drama, and a seemingly secluded island with low COVID-19 rates (how about zero for at least the incubation period of the past 2-3 weeks in all 3 islands) all to myself.



- At time of posting in Saint Thomas, it was 26 °C - Humidity: 69% | Wind Speed: 16km/hr | Cloud Cover: partly cloudy


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