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“…and I shambled after as I’ve been doing all my life after people who interest me, because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars…” 

— Jack Kerouac, On The Road



I am grateful to know I live in a world where if I’m seeking a group to travel responsibly with me immediately after a pandemic — especially on a secluded Mediterranean island with a group of fully immunized group of people — I can still find a ride-or-die crew.

When 11 exceptional, socially responsible, team-playing and healthy monsooners – 4 of whom have traveled with me before – jump on for an experience for which a majority would have otherwise gotten cold feet, I’d find that it would be a bigger risk now to not risk anything at all.

Travel might not be for everyone these days, but if we can plan for a trip that is ethical and sustainable on an island with historically low rates, filled with proven COVID-19 negative and full vaccinated individuals and without making any impact on our communities at large (especially for those of us who waited out travel for over a year just for an opportunity like this), this is how we may better recharge before whatever the next crisis befalls us.

. . . And I’m especially grateful to those returning with me for their 4th, 5th, or 10th monsoon:


Here are the main safety precautions our group has taken for this trip:


  • Can I trust you?

    The majority of the group have known/worked with me personally or already traveled with me AND each other in the past, whether in international conflict zones or with nearly impossible itineraries. This familiarity of having been through difficult travel circumstances already establishes a critical mass of trust and a culture of safety. I already know how most of them handle pressure and we’ve minimized any possibility of unforeseen personality differences.


  • Is everyone healthy and fully vaccinated?

    Everyone has been fully vaccinated, medically screened and regularly checked in on for a month prior to the trip.


  • Can everyone prove they’re healthy?

    Everyone has provided proof of either being fully vaccinated (i.e. more than 2-3 weeks since their final dose) and/or having tested negative for an active COVID-19 infection within 10 days prior joining trip and/or has self-quarantined since.


  • Can I trust your lifestyle and habits?

    I know the majority of the group personally and their COVID-19 exposure for the past year and we ensured none of us has done anything out of the ordinary between having tested negative and the start of the trip (eg. going to a nightclub).


  • “Is there a doctor in the house?”

    At least a third of the group are medical and have had clinical experience with taking care COVID-19 patients without having gotten sick, and knows what the disease looks like up close and personal.


  • Have we had formal training?

    Everyone has been either trained or reminded at orientation to know how COVID-19 spreads, how and when to appropriately wear face coverings, how to ensure high quality hygienic practices, verbally de-escalate or walk away from situations, tell who might have symptoms, and adapt appropriate PPE to each particular circumstance (outdoor vs. indoor, etc.).


  • Have we minimized all controllable variables?

    We’re all coming from low prevalence areas such as NYC, not setting foot in any high risk layover spots, only traveling to low-risk outdoor areas, avoiding indoor public spaces, large gatherings and hotspots, and we can easily seal ourselves from the outside world if necessary in our own private vehicles.


  • Do we have backup plans?

    Contingency plans (location of hospitals in each location, immediate isolation precautions, how groups will be separated) have been planned ahead.


  • Is there informed consent?

    We’re going in with the expectation that even with all our preparation, the concepts of “travel” and “the future” still remain unpredictable. And yet we also know that those who can survive anything aren’t the strongest or the wisest, but the most adaptable. Everyone here has therefore self-selected themselves just to be among other like-minded individuals who are willing to work together and be flexible under any circumstance. We all know what we’re getting ourselves into, what we signed up for, and therefore have mentally prepared ourselves to be in the best possible position to handle anything that comes our way.


Once again, I introduce the next generation of monsooners:


Calvin "O Captain My Captain" Sun - Expedition Leader | NYC | Clinical Professor & Emergency Medicine Physician


Narcoleptik! - Senior Monsooner: Aug '19 (Eastern Coast of Africa), Jan '19 (Prague & Budapest), Jun. '18 (The Persian Gulf), Jan '18 (Australia & NZ), May '17 (Luxembourg) | NYC


Ambrose "Knickerbocker" Chu - Previous Monsooner: Jun. '19 (Unknown UAE), Mar. '16 (Scotland), Aug. '15 (Scandinavia), Dec '15 (SE Asia), Aug. '16 (Southern Africa) | New York, NY | JP Morgan | Boston University


Patricia - Los Angeles, CA


Belle S. - Quincy, MA | Massachusetts College of Art and Design


Gina - Denver, CO


Brianne "Parachutes" - NYC


Mihaela "ROFLOLMAO" K. - Lieutenant, Driver, & Senior Monsooner: Aug. '20 (USA), Dec. '19 (Egypt), Nov. '18 (Armenia), June '18 (The Persian Gulf), Oct. '17 (Slovenia), Aug. '17 (The Balkans), May '17 (Luxembourg), Mar. '17 (Scotland), Jan. '17 (Mongolia & Tibet) | NYC | Cytologist, Memorial Sloan Kettering


Donna "FOMO Queen" V. – Returning Monsooner: May '19 (Isle of Man & Northern Ireland), Jan '19 (Prague & Budapest), Aug. '18 (Japan), Winter ’18 (Australia & NZ) | Boston, MA | Real Estate & Construction | Wentworth Institute of Technology


Deenah K - Austin, TX | Social Media


Uriah K - NYC | Pharmacist


Jeanette W. - NYC | MRI Specialist, NYU


And where we’re actually monsooning through this June:





The Castles of Northern Cyprus









The Ghost Town of Varosha




Want to meet us along the way? More details about the trip can be found here.



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