Destination Arrival
1 Majuro, Marshall Islands December 29, 2018
2 Nauru, Nauru January 30, 2019
3 Tarawa, Kiribati January 3, 2019
4 Honiara, Solomon Islands January 5, 2019
5 Port-Vila, Vanuatu January 7, 2019
6 Nadi, Fiji January 10, 2019
7 Funafuti, Tuvalu January 13, 2019
8 Suva, Fiji January 15, 2019

Monsooners: Alistair “Mother” Riddell, Gareth “Father” Johnson, Melissa “Drill Sergeant” Weinmann, Anonymous “That Girl” Anonymous, PD “Food Monster” Shah, ChristyAna “Butterfly” Taveras, Mikhael “Comrade UrbEx” Chai, Paul “BAFTA” Bailey, William “Rock the Casbah” C. Linda “Charge Nurse” E, Lisa “If You Build It, They Will Climb” Vitaris, Jennifer “Hot Toddy” K., Erin “Drunky McDrunkface” S., Melissa “80s Party”, David “Bailando” P., Shawn “The Gun Show” O., Bok “Slippery When Wet” McD, Justin “Kubrick” M., Al “Forever Young”, Martin “MTP Award”, Christoph “Business Card”

Remarks: “I would like to recommend Monsoon Diaries/Young Pioneer Tours. I am a repeat client, and will likely repeat again the next time I get the chance to take a holiday.

My first trip with them was Cuba in April 2018, where Alistair Riddell, the director YPT in Cuba, was my personal tour guide. This was definitely a good trip to take and Alistair is the man to see if you want to have a great time in Cuba. My review however is for my most recent trip with them, the “Least Visited Countries” tour, which took place from late December 2018 through mid-January 2019, and covered 5 of the least visited countries in the world (#1 Nauru, #3 Tuvalu, #4 Kiribati, #7 The Marshall Islands, & #15 The Solomon Islands) as well as Vanuatu & Fiji.

This was one of the best trips/cultural immersions on which I have ever personally been, and I’ve been some places. We saw some of most unspoilt white powder sandy beaches as well as crystal clear blue waters in the world (these islands are in the middle of the south Pacific Ocean), and we had reliable and trusted local guides to give us a true cultural immersion of the locales in which we stayed. And on top of that we had YPT leader Gaz Jonsen guiding us on this trip, whose passion for travel and adventure is parallel to none. And Alistair Riddell of YPT Cuba was another group leader for this trip, as was my good friend Dr. Calvin Sun of The Monsoon Diaries.

So these guys combined with the local guides on the ground in each of the countries which we visited provided a cultural immersion that simply would not have been possible were one to take on a travel endeavor like this on their own. So I recommend and endorse Monsoon Diaries/YPT, and I look forward to my next excursion with them.” – PD Shah

Destination Arrival
1 Prague, Czechia January 17, 2019
2 Budapest, Hungary January 21, 2019

Monsooners: Ann “Czechmate” Wen, Donna “Hungary For More” Vo, Daniela “Joy” Zarzer, Evan “Wingman” Danek, Ravi “Voight-Kampff” Panse, Katy “The Natural” Xian, Anthony “Dutch” Lui, Esther “Happy Feet” Park, Daniel “Wisconsin” Reesman, Christine “Spidergirl” Liaw, Aggeliki “Pilates” Mavromoustakaki, Sidian “Kiss Me, I’m Greek” Lan, Jommel “Infant Jesus” Banaag, Li Li “Ballroom” Bian, Joanne “Salvation Army” Loo, Elisabeth “Group Photos” Koechlin


“What would be travelling without the people you meet along the way, without the conversations you share and the memories you make. I am lucky enough that I have met up and travelled with the Monsooners a couple of times already. It will not be just an ordinary experience where you tick of the sights of each city. You will get part of the Monsoon family, create lasting relationships and get out of your comfort zone.

These trips always had an inspiring effect on me. You get asked questions that you have to answer yourself, you will gain perspectives and be immersed in thoughtful conversations. The cities and sights will get a personal touch. A memory full of adventure. All you need is to bring the right attitude – ‘cause in the end it is still up to you to make the best out of the trip 

“I highly recommend traveling with The Monsoon Diaries. I enjoyed every moment of my first monsoon with Calvin. He and Ann did a great job planning the whole thing so that we could experience all the must dos and sees within a span of only 4 or 5 days. You’ll come home full of stories to tell and wishing you were back. Prague + Budapest was my first monsoon but definitely not my last.” – Katy Xian

“A few weeks ago I was standing in a kitchen in Prague with Calvin, Ravi and Aia, talking about attending Ali’s wedding in Islamabad. Still can’t believe we actually went, all thanks to Ali and his family’s amazing hospitality! Shout out to @monsoondiaries for the planning and logistics.” – Evan Danek

“Many thanks Calvin D. Sun, for the perfect trip, best company.. Hope to see you soon ..!!! ❤️” – Aggeliki Mavromoustakaki

“Thank you Calvin! Thanks for all your hard work organizing this trip. Much appreciation for you! 10个星的领导!哈哈” – Li Li Bian

“Thank you Calvin for the nice trip, it was all perfect, many greetings to all from Greece, we are waiting all of you in Greece the summer!!! Have a nice time in Budapest. ❤️❤️❤️🙂🙂🙂🙂” – Aggeliki Mavromoustakaki

“Hey we just landed in Athens! We had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys. Thanks for having us. Enjoy Budapest!!” – Sidian Lan

“Yeah honestly man, none of this would’ve been the possible without you. Past couple days definitely had a pretty big impact. Looking forward to the next adventure.” – Ravi Panse

“Thank you for putting together this trip. Also thank you for showing me the city that means so much to you. I see why it’s your favorite.” – Donna Vo

“Thank you again so much for inviting me to join I had so much fun and everyone was lovely 💕 … I will also bring you a French gift in February when I come over to NY 🙂” – Elisabeth Koechlin

“We are ready for the next trip!!! See you soon! ❤️❤️❤️❤️” – Aggeliki Mavromoustakaki

“Hey monsooners it was a pleasure meeting you and spending time together in Prague! Just sat down on my couch about to relax. Special thanks to Ann and Calvin for organizing the trip. Enjoy the rest of the adventure!” – Sidian Lan

“Also 🧀🧀 time- thanks Calvin for showing us around somewhere as important to your life and as close to your heart as Budapest! Thanks Ann for all the planning! And thanks everyone for making this trip what it became!! The rapid pace of the trip was unlike most others I’d been on with other people- and allowed us to see a lot more in a short time, and become much closer as a group.” – Evan Danek

“Thank you Ann for convincing Calvin to do this trip and for making plans and letting me tag along. Thank you Calvin for organizing the trip and creating a packed itinerary. Also it was a great pleasure and honor hanging out with everyone and I hope that we will meet again soon-ish. 😃 See y’all next time!” — Donna Vo

“Just landed in NY – I wanted to say this trip was an amazing experience, and I miss y’all a lot already. Special shout out to Calvin and Ann for working hard to create and execute on an amazing itinerary, and I really value the interactions I had with each and every one of you. Keep in touch, and can’t wait to see you soon!” – Ravi

Destination Arrival
1 Islamabad, Pakistan March 12, 2019
2 Lahore, Pakistan March 14, 2019
3 Rawalpindi, Pakistan March 16, 2019
4 Khewra, Pakistan March 17, 2019
5 Murree, Pakistan March 18, 2019

Monsooners: Daniela “You Had Me At Hello” Zarzer, Evan “Quest Cookie” Danek, Elisabeth “Proud Soccer Mom” Koechlin, Venla “Bride of Finland” Maki-Ikola, “Prince” Ali Raza

Guest Monsooners: Eugene Master, Amy Tse, Emily Wong, Jen, Christanto “Better Late Than Never” Hadi


“You know the feeling when you cant even go to the toilet in a restaurant without people trying to take a selfie with you? And if you say yes to one, then there is going to be a whole crowd of people around you mobilephones ready for some action. In Pakistan if youre white or South Asian be prepared to take so many selfies that after your trip you will never want a selfie again hahah. Other than that Pakistani people are amazing! Didnt meet any terrorists. Only some peacefull minded people.” – Venla Maki-Ikola

“A few weeks ago I was standing in a kitchen in Prague with Calvin, Ravi and Aia, talking about attending Ali’s wedding in Islamabad. Still can’t believe we actually went, all thanks to Ali and his family’s amazing hospitality! Shout out to @monsoondiaries for the planning and logistics.” – Evan Danek

“[The Mehndi was the] day when I felt like a princess.” – Venla Maki-Ikola

Destination Arrival
1 Bridgetown, Barbados April 11, 2019

Monsooners: Evan “F1” Danek

Destination Arrival
1 Saint John''s, Antigua May 15, 2019
2 Codrington, Barbuda May 16, 2019

Monsooners: Victoria “Imperator Furiosa” Lu, Tanzia “Sonic The Hedgehog” Islam, Thao “Celine” Le, Thuy Uyen “Mikaela Banes” Vo, Calvin “The 3 Eyed Raven” Ng

Remarks: “I can honestly say that this trip was the best decision I ever made in my life.” – Thuy Uyen Vo

“Antigua ❤️ #goodvibes #antiguaandbarbuda #newmemories #newbeginnings #rekindlingfriendship #noregrets #everythinghappensforareason” – Thao Le

“Quick R&R Trip to the beautiful Antigua & Barbuda: Thank You Thuy Uyen Vo Calvin Ng Calvin D. Sun Thao Le & Victoria for making the last few days so memorable. First time to the Caribbean was beautiful. 🤙🏼💜” – Tanzia Islam

“Thanks for the trip Calvin, it was a blasty blast.” – Victoria Lu

“If you’re looking for a predictable, meticulously planned vacation, this is not for you. If you are someone who cannot handle uncertainty or ambiguity, this is not for you. I don’t think these trips are for everyone, but I believe that if you are willing to keep an open mind and step out of your comfort, you will have an experience that money can’t buy. There were a lot of ups and downs and things didn’t always go according to plan, but it was BECAUSE of that chaos that we were able to find serendipity.

I honestly didn’t think that much could happen in a two-day trip. For me, sometimes a week would go by like a dream. The Antigua and Barbuda trip really helped me understand that it’s not about how much time we have, but how present we are in those moments.” – Calvin Ng

“With zero expectations and no idea of what’s to come, I experienced a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. What may take others a lifetime to develop a deep friendship, I soon found myself experiencing the surrealism of heartfelt friendships one could only wish for. When you are young, you believe that you will meet many people with whom you’ll connect with, but later in life you realize it only happens a few times. This was one of those times. ❤️” – Thao Le

“As we embarked on this new journey together, to my first international destination: The Caribbean Islands of Antigua and Barbuda, we began forming relationships as we learned more about each other. Like in any group, there was conflict and tears. There was also fear at some point in the trip and there was a great deal of frustration as well. And there was fun, adventure, and so much laughter between us all. We made the most pure and beautiful memories with one another. The kind of memories that you hold dear to your heart. We all experienced new food, new land, but we also experienced a lot of shock when visiting lands much different from our own. When I look back, I can only think of how much this trip has changed my life in the most awesome way possible. I am not saying that I found god, but what I did find was very very different people coming together to experience an incredible journey through a foriegn land together. These 5 people that I met were incredibly unique people that were enjoying living in the moment as much as I did. It was like entering a new universe and finding out what lies there for you to experience for all of us- but doing it together made this journey such a life changing experience. And that was the beauty of it all. This trip was essentially a bunch of strangers learning about each while being immersed on an island to enjoy time off and venture as we form close bonds with not only each other but the land too. This was my first time out of the country. In sum, I can confidently describe this experience as finding my own soul in another world. In it all, I hardly got any sleep, however, I felt the most at peace, replenished, and happiness within myself that I have never felt in my life.

And to think I came into this trip just go on some trip for 5 days for the cost of 1500 (from MN). What I got instead was indescribably priceless.

That is why today, I am reaching to my friends on facebook: JUST DO IT. Go on that trip you’ve been waiting for. Don’t let your life pass by filled with excuses or whatever reasons to not go. Instead, I urge you to go outside your comfort zone because only when you take risks, it is rewarding. I know for a fact each of you have some reason that is holding you back, but I hope that this message can inspire you all to leave whatever it is holding you back because YOU DESERVE IT. So just go. Life Is about living in the moment and making memories. So do what I did, and make memories and bonds with others that will last a lifetime.

Lastly I want to thank the universe for somehow aligning and giving me the chance to meet these couple of awesome people that I now hold dear to me. Four of which will hold a close place in my heart, especially Thao Le. You are the most perfectly kind friend that I have met. My soul sister, we have become inseparable by heart. I will see you again soon!

Last thanks to The Monsoon Diaries” – Thuy Uyen Vo

“This trip definitely pulled at my heart strings.” – Thao Le

Destination Arrival
1 Manchester, UK May 27, 2019
2 Douglas, Isle Of Man May 28, 2019
3 Belfast, Northern Ireland May 29, 2019
4 Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland May 30, 2019

Monsooners: Sam “Are We There Yet?” Yeung, Donna “FOMO Queen” Vo, Alfred “Dairy Queen” Yeung, Melissa “Employee Discount” Rios, Joe “Steady As He Goes” Duvall, Grayson “Doc Brown” Lang

Remarks: “The Monsoon Diaries has just taken a trip to beautiful Northern Ireland (and the Isle of Man)!! While I unfortunately could not meet up while I was in Coleraine (so close yet so far  ) I am so glad they enjoyed their time here! Check out Calvin D. Sun´s blogpost about what they did, it’s given me ideas, in particular that Michelin star restaurant in Belfast 😲 I also strongly recommend reading about all the different countries he’s been to on his blog (from classics, to North Korea or Afghanistan), and contact him if you’d like to travel somewhere off the beaten track! You’ll always get friendly and great advice, and a safe way to travel with a lovely crowd (I can personally attest to that ❤️).” – Elisabeth Koechlin

“If you are looking for something different and refreshing Calvin is your guy. Calvin and The Monsoon Diaries introduced me to a new style of traveling, backpacking. His travel stories and experiences he shares are inspirational and has certainly inspired me to travel more.” – Alfred Yeung

The Entire Trip:

Destination Arrival
1 Abu Dhabi, UAE June 20, 2019
2 Dubai, UAE June 21, 2019
3 Sharjah, UAE June 21, 2019
4 Ajman, UAE June 21, 2019
5 Umm Al Quawain, UAE June 21, 2019
6 Ras al Khaimah, UAE June 21, 2019
7 Fujairah, UAE June 22, 2019
8 Madha, Oman June 22, 2019
9 Nahwa, Oman June 22, 2019
10 Khasab, Musandam Oman June 23, 2019
11 Kabul, Afghanistan June 25, 2019
12 Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan June 27, 2019
13 Samangan, Afghanistan June 28, 2019
14 Hairatan, Afghanistan June 29, 2019
15 Kabul, Afghanistan July 1, 2019
16 Kigali, Rwanda July 2, 2019
17 Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda July 3, 2019

Unknown UAE + Omani Exclaves:

Destination Arrival
1 Abu Dhabi, UAE June 20, 2019
2 Dubai, UAE June 21, 2019
3 Sharjah, UAE June 21, 2019
4 Ajman, UAE June 21, 2019
5 Umm Al Quawain, UAE June 21, 2019
6 Ras al Khaimah, UAE June 21, 2019
7 Fujairah, UAE June 22, 2019
8 Madha, Oman June 22, 2019
9 Nahwa, Oman June 22, 2019
10 Khasab, Musandam Oman June 23, 2019


Destination Arrival
1 Kabul, Afghanistan June 25, 2019
2 Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan June 27, 2019
3 Samangan, Afghanistan June 28, 2019
4 Hairatan, Afghanistan June 29, 2019
5 Kabul, Afghanistan July 1, 2019

Rwanda & Uganda:

Destination Arrival
1 Kigali, Rwanda July 2, 2019
2 Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda July 3, 2019

Monsooners: Evan “Randall ‘Memphis’ Raines” Danek, Amanda “Rebel Without A Cause” Cheng, Nishant “I’ve Been To Scotland Once” Anandan, Wendy “Pass the Popcorn” Huang, Ben “Wikipedia” Crowley, Sean “Toretto” MacCormac, Evan “Unemployable” Kimbrell, Ambrose “Funemployable” Chu

Destination Arrival
1 Stone Town, Zanzibar August 18, 2019
2 Nungwi, Zanzibar August 19, 2019
3 Lake Manyara, Tanzania August 20, 2019
4 Serengeti, Tanzania August 21, 2019
5 Ngorongoro, Tanzania August 22, 2019
6 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania August 23, 2019
7 Moroni, Comoros August 24, 2019
8 Mamoudzou, Mayotte August 25, 2019
9 Tsingy de Bemaraha, Madagascar August 26, 2019
10 Avenue of the Baobabs, Madagascar August 26, 2019
11 Antananavrino, Madagascar August 28, 2019
12 Anse Source D’Argent, Seychelles August 29, 2019
13 Port Louis, Mauritius August 31, 2019
14 Saint Denis, Réunion September 3, 2019

Monsooners: Bessie “Queen Bee” Badilla, Sarah “Breaker of Men” Parise, Evan “Dive Bomber” Danek, Ann “Dora The Explorer” Wen, Ines “Bad Girls Do It Well” Del Castillo, Cathy “The Elephant Whisperer” Richards, Ravi “Jeff Goldblum Drinks a Cappuccino” Panse, Brandon “Dakota Unplugged” Bowar, Bryan “Boomerang” Chuck, Duaa “I Am Groot” Awabed


“As a 60 year old woman with arthritis on both knees, climbing the Tsingy de Bemaraha in Madagascar was an impossible feat. But Calvin and the entire Monsoon Family would not allow me to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. They carefully watched me conquer my fears and gave me constant encouraging words to remind me of how strong I really am! I still can’t believe I did it but our photos says it all!

A big THANK YOU to our guides, Calvin Sun and the rest of the Monsoon Family for helping me realize an impossible dream! Take care until our next Monsoon Diaries Adventure!” – Bessie Badilla


“Let’s get something straight first. I kind of hate group travel. The nature of my career has made me the type of person to prefer serendipity (and some level of chaos) over the structured comfort that group travel usually offers.

But Monsoon Diaries is not your usual group travel. Monsoon Diaries is more like – a friend corralling a bunch of his friends onto the Magic School Bus. Adventure and serendipity are a key part of it all, but you’re free to explore and vibe with everyone else *because* your friend is handling the logistics. By the end of it all, you find yourself on the plane texting about life with people you didn’t know the week before. Who wouldn’t love that?” – Cathy Richards


“In the best ways it’s a combination between solo and group travel. As with solo travel you are able to do your own thing and like group travel someone else takes care of the logistics. Seeing amazing places is of course a big part of travel but who you are with makes all the difference. Calvin seems to surround himself with good people. It makes for a great experience.” – Brandon Bowar


“Hey thanks man I had a great trip!  I feel like I was able to grow and I learned from you.” – Bryan Chuck


“When I turned 25 I didn’t think there were going to be any more birthdays to look forward to, but this past year has been an amazing journey of self development and actualization. If you’ve been a part of this, thank you. Here’s to hoping 26 is just as much of an adventure!” – Evan Danek

“Thank you Calvin for one of the greatest mother-daughter adventure ever! You are the best!” – Bessie Badilla


“As I reflect back on this amazing awesome trip I’ve had exploring Africa and some really amazing places (The Monsoon Diaries Goes Off The Coast Of Tanzania!) I realize that I am incredibly lucky and privileged to be able to go on these adventures.

Throughout the trip I saw two extremes of the affects of the climate crisis and the preservation of our natural landscape. In many countries we visited plastic bags were banned, water and electric was conserved and efforts were made to empower the local populations to find work in land and animal preservation. On the flip side, we visited places like Madagascar, Mauritius and Comoros where they are literally tossing all their garbage by the side of the road and burning rainforest in order to create viable farmland.

Because of this, I’ve calculated the carbon emission cost of the flights for this incredible trip (~10 carbon tons, which btw is half the global per person averages 😳 ) via myclimate.com and made a donation to https://support.conservationfund.org/…/Donation2;jsessionid… to offset this carbon emission.

This is just one organization working to change our global climate crisis, and I would encourage those who are as lucky as I am to recognize that the same privilege that allows them to take these trips can be used for some good.” – Sarah Parise


“Thank you to our guides and our entire Monsoon family for encouraging me to continue and complete the adventure, to never give up and for cheering me on the entire time. #forevergrateful #aarp #thisis60” – Bessie Badilla

Destination Arrival
1 Reykjavik, Iceland September 16, 2019
2 Akureyri, Iceland September 17, 2019
3 East Greenland Sea, Greenland September 18, 2019
4 Danmark Island, Greenland September 19, 2019
5 Harefjord, Greenland September 20, 2019
6 Sydkap, Greenland September 21, 2019
7 Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland September 22, 2019
8 Turner Sund, Greenland September 23, 2019

Monsooners: Elizabeth “Doc Ock” Silberholz, Steven “Rabbit” Siegel, Gareth “Orangutan” Johnson

Guest Monsooners: Rob “Beluga” Lendon, Morgan “Monkey” Bourven, Gaute “Sperm Whale” Friis, Nina “Italian Stallion” Friis, Killian “Ewok”

Remarks: “It was an amazing trip!!” – Elizabeth Silberholz

“I’m back home, sadly, after a fantastic expedition in Eastern Greenland with @oceanwideexp@monsoondiaries and the best company of them all @youngpioneer. Northern lights, icebergs, out-of-this-world landscapes and great people, what else could we have asked for?” – Morgan Bourven

“Sometimes you’re just lucky on a tour! Fabulous group, a lot of laughs, and too many drinks” – Gareth Johnson

Destination Arrival
1 Socotra, Yemen November 19, 2019
2 Hadibo, Yemen November 20, 2019
3 Arher, Yemen November 21, 2019
4 Hoq, Yemen November 22, 2019
5 Dixsam, Yemen November 23, 2019
6 Nogud, Yemen November 24, 2019
7 Detwah, Yemen November 25, 2019
8 Shuaab, Yemen November 26, 2019


Destination Arrival
1 Cairo, Egypt November 28, 2019
2 Giza, Egypt November 29, 2019
3 Aswan, Egypt November 30, 2019
4 Abu Simbel, Egypt December 1, 2019
5 Luxor, Egypt December 2, 2019
6 Alexandria, Egypt December 4, 2019
7 White Desert, Egypt December 5, 2019

Monsooners: Diana “Mia Dolan” Klatt, Mihaela “Michelle Obama”, Karthik “Bellaggio” Srinivasan, Likhith “Don’t Worry Be Happy” Sai Bayireddi, Siavash “Memento” Dejgosha, Andrew “Bottomless Mimosas” Rafalowitz, Andrena “Sugar” Barnes, Grace “Nurse Jackie” Kelly, Kasie “Nerfertiti” Rodriguez, Neeharika “Professor” Madduri, Melissa “Miss Congeniality” Brady, Angelica “Queen Of Mostafa” Rehayem, Alexandra “Venus Flytrap” De Rosa, Raubern “I’ll Make You a Stah” Totanes, Ji Won “Ragdoll” Moon, Chyne “Wall-E” Tan, Jessica “Pyro” Hong

Trip in Review:



“. . . I went on a ten day trip to Egypt with new friends at Monsoon Diaries. This trip opened my eyes to a world I’d never known, ancient and present. . . .” – Ji Won Moon


Remarks: “Was really a great experience getting to meet and travel with you all! For those of you I didn’t get to say goodbye to, hope you get home safely!!” – Angelica Rehayem


“I will keep this simple. This is the best group tour I have ever been on. I know it might seem as a huge statement but I will stand by it. Need I say more LOL!!!

Genuinely thanks to Calvin for arranging the trip to Egypt in a such way that you can check both boxes of solo travel and group tours at the same time. You get the flexibility of exploring the places on your own and at the same time be assured that things are taken care in the background. Got to visit places and spots which most locals never go to. It’s a bit off track than most group tours but that is what makes it fun!!!.

It was a great trip and the people who joined made it a much more of an awesome experience. Thanks to all you peeps. It was great meeting everyone and I feel I made some good friends along the way. Took with me lot of great memories and was happy at the end of the day which is what everyone should feel after the end of a trip. Look forward to lot more monsoons in the near future😀.

P.S: As Calvin mentioned few times on our trip – Be ready for surprises because that’s what makes a travel exciting.” – Karthik Srinivasan


“Thanks for organizing this trip and giving me the nudge to commit to it. I feel very lucky to be a part of your return to Egypt and where you started your travels.” – Siavash Dejgosha


“The trip to Egypt will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope you can scale monsoon diaries to wherever you want it to go.” – Andrew Rafalowitz


“I just wanted to say thank you again for everything. Was truly a phenomenal trip and I was serious when I said I can’t get over the amount of planning and detail you put into this and I’m assuming all other trips. It doesn’t go unnoticed. . . . I prefer making the most of a country with different city’s and activities daily. Thank you for the work you put into the trip and especially the repeat Cairo day and changing your plans to stay with us that extra time. So lucky to have linked up with you and gone on this trip and it really just made me want to join all others. You ignite something in people with your passion and excitement for it.

Not gonna lie at one point looking at all the countries I have been to I felt a bit empty because of realizing how much more there is to see, but I’m excited to do so. White desert and yesterday am were some of the best things I have ever done. That silence in the desert is something that centers you and makes you stop and think about what you value and what you have.

Thank you again for every pre planned detail, every well thought out day, every surprise, everything! You crushed it and it was so thoroughly enjoyed. And moving forward I’ll see you in NYC ASAP.

Have to, I want to be your therapist – get you out of the ‘it’s just luck’ headspace. You deserve the good things that come your way 💜” – Grace Kelly


“Beyond the pharaohs and the pyramids, this journey along the Nile River was truly exceptional. I’ve been looking forward to visiting Egypt for a long long time, and I’m finally satisfied. I have had the distinct pleasure of escaping the conveyor belt of Egyptian tours and experiencing more of this diverse country. Thank you Calvin for trodding off the beaten path, and making us a part of this awesome trip. And for all those who travelled along, thanks for the wonderful memories.. it wouldn’t have been nearly as amazing without you all. Cheers to all the new friends I’ve made, and looking forward to more Monsoons with you all. #MonsoonDiaries” – Neeharika Madduri


“Thank you for letting a stranger crash your trip! I won’t forget this trip for a long long time. It opened my eyes to a new world I’d never known.” – Ji Won Moon


“Thank you for making it such a wonderful experience for me Calvin!” – Angelica Rehayem


“My first monsoon was Calvin’s most recent trip to Egypt! The trip was truly phenomenal and I cannot get over the amount of detail and planning that he put into it. I have to imagine the same time and effort goes into all other trips as well! His trip made the most of the country, with different city’s and amazing activities daily.

I cannot thank him enough for the work he put into Egypt. He even accommodated myself and one other person who had different travel dates than the rest of the group, by planning an entire extra day of plans and private tours.

His passion and excitement for travel and adventure ignites something in everyone. At one point while looking back on all of the countries I have personally been to, I felt a bit empty, as I realized how much more there is to see in the world. However, I am excited to do so.

The surprise spots throughout the trip, the white desert, the sunrise horseback ride overlooking the great pyramids… each experience is so difficult to describe and my only advice is to join a monsoon and see for yourself!” – Grace Kelly


“Calvin leads amazing trips that, I believe, beautifully allow for intense exploration with moments of self-reflection. I think the addition of spontaneity makes his trips unique and personal. You can stick with the team or veer off as you please.

Monsoon Diaries is a multifaceted travel experience that I’m so grateful to have been and continue to be a part of. Cheers to Calvin’s epic adventures.” – Mihaela


“I would highly recommend going on a trip with monsoon diaries. As a newcomer to group travel, I did not know what to expect traveling with a large group. Calvin did a fantastic job managing the the day to day itinerary, while also making it convenient to step away from the group for any personal solo time. He made sure to introduce the group to places and experiences that most travelers would not have on their itinerary. For this, I am forever grateful and thankful.” – Andrew Rafalowitz


“Trip to Egypt was my first monsoon with Calvin and it checked all the boxes for things I look forward to while exploring a place. There is spontaneity to it while outlined by a well thought out plan. In Egypt, we’ve been to places(awesome places!) which most locals weren’t aware of. Calvin is the best “facilitator” one can get on a trip, I call him that because of the freedom that he gives to do our own thing while always having a backup to fall back. Every place we visited had some history, meaning or purpose to it.

And the best part is the people you meet. From the people you travel with(by the way, I had the best people on my trip to Egypt! Everyone was awesome!) to the people you meet at the places you visit(shoutout to Mustafa from Aswan! And countless others!), they made my trip even more memorable.

So, if you want a group tour with a twist of solo trip, Monsoon diaries is for you!

If you want to see places that you never heard or otherwise wouldn’t plan for, then Monsoon diaries is what you should be looking for!
All in all monsoon diaries is the best medium you can have to visit a country!” – Likhith Sai Bayireddi


“Calvin does a great job of planning the important details and comprehensively visiting a place. I went on the Egypt trip where we saw all the touristic highlights like the pyramids, temples, and tombs, but also off-the-beaten-track and very interesting experiences that wouldn’t normally happen without more extensive planning on a short trip like camping in the White Desert, hot air ballooning, and seeing eL Seed’s “Perception” after walking through Cairo’s garbage city.

I loved not having to plan any of those details that I would normally have to figure out on my own. Although I’ve traveled quite a bit, I found the shameless aggressiveness of some of the scammers in Egypt difficult, and would have had trouble if Calvin hadn’t warned us and protected us throughout the trip. The mix of planned activities and a bit of free time where you could wander off with your plans worked well for me too.

Finally, the group of people who also come on this sort of trip has led to future good friends which is probably the highlight of going on a trip like this. I highly recommend Calvin’s trips!” – Siavash Dejgosha


“Traveling with the Monsoon Diaries is an experience to remember. These trips go beyond seeing the popular sites and checking off another country. They offer opportunities to get off the beaten path, see incredible sites and partake in unbelievable experiences many locals have yet to take part of, and truly experience a culture all while simultaneously offering moments to wander away from the group and self explore. Calvin and his team plan meticulously yet the execution feels natural and spontaneous. If you’re considering signing up for one of their trips, do it. Be prepared for a few surprises (such as the breathtaking White Desert in Egypt) and the trip of the lifetime!” – Melissa Brady


“My first monsoon trip was the most recent trip to Egypt. I consider myself to be somewhat of a seasoned traveler and prior to going on the trip, I was worried I’d have to succumb to endless tours and strict, planned-out days. And boy was I wrong!
Calvin is the most accommodating and caring group leader I have ever met. He really went out of his way to perfectly plan our trip and make sure we experienced everything there was to the fullest. It was nice to have a mix of tour-like organization and time to explore however and wherever we wanted. So worth it!” – Kasie Rodriguez


“The true beauty of a country is found off the beaten track and that’s exactly where The Monsoon Diaries brings you. Calvin includes really fun and interesting activities in his itineraries that I probably would not have done or even discovered as a solo traveler. I’m thankful to have found a group that brings like-minded individuals together to explore the world in a way many people don’t. Calvin’s expertise, knowledge, and passion can’t be beat. Highly highly highly recommend!” – Raubern Totanes


“The Monsoon Diaries has made me like group travel for the first time. For a long time I thought the best way to travel was as a solo traveler but there is something special about the group of people that go on these trips, you can feel completely secure in being with a group and the benefits of group travel but still experience things as if you were solo traveling. I can’t fully explain it, it’s something you just need to experience.” – Diana Klatt