Meet The Monsooners to St. Lucia & Martinique!

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Introductions


After the enormous success of our first partnered trip with The Yacht Week last September, we return less than 4 months later with TYW for the Caribbean: Saint Lucia & Martinique.

Since I’m curious if I could enjoy more of the experience for as much of the week as possible (rather than just the last day when I finally relieved myself — or rather the universe relieved me — of responsibilities at the trip’s end), I’m keeping this one to a more manageable one yacht crew this time…

….Although I won’t fight you if more of you still want to join us; I just might have to assign lieutenants to help out! Please still inquire if you are interested.



Once again, I introduce the next generation of monsooners:


Calvin "O Captain My Captain" Sun - Expedition Leader | NYC


Vanessa "Body Shots" Loftis - Returning Chef/Hostess: Sept. 21 (Sardinia/Corsica) | NC


Gina "Million Dollar Wakeboarder" Fortunato - Returning Monsooner: Jun '21 (Cyprus), Nov '21 (Sardinia/Corsica) | Denver, CO


Sela "Swiss'ed" Schneidinger - NYC, Zurich | Medical Scribe


Bruce Zhang - NYC | Medical Scribe


Rasheedah Namutebi - Boston | Epidemiologist/Public Health


Umbi "Pretty Reasonable Skipper" Genovese - Returning Skipper: Sept. '21 (Sardinia/Corsica)


Sabrina "Chief Mate" P. - Returning Monsooner: Sep. '21 (Sardinia/Corsica) | NYC | RN


Kimmy " Wu - Grad Student | DC


Kelsey "Nomad Nurse" Carniglia - ICU RN | Duluth, GA/Tacoma, WA


Paul "The Auteur" Woo – NYC | Photographer | Ohio State University


Tammy "Music Box" Ying – NYC, Singapore | Teacher, Musician, Singer/Songwriter



And where we’re actually monsooning through this coming January:



St. Lucia




We still have spots available, but not for long!

Want to join us? More details about the trip can be found here.


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