Meet the Monsooners to El Salvador!

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I made the announcement last week and within less than that, at least 6 monsooners will join me for a last minute arranged monsoon to my final country in Central America: El Salvador!

Here are our next generation of monsooners:


Calvin "O Captain My Captain" Sun - Expedition Leader | NYC | Clinical Professor & Emergency Medicine Physician


Nina "Shark" Zhou - Return Monsooner: Sept. '21 (Sardinia & Corsica) | NYC/Denver


Kimmy "WimmyKu" Wu - Upcoming Monsooner: Jan '22 (St. Lucia & Martinique) | DC | Grad Student


Chyne "Wall-E" Tan - Return Monsooner: Sept. '21 (Sardinia & Corsica), Nov. '19 (Egypt) | NYC | Pediatrician, Adolescent Medicine


Brandon "The Only Voting Democrat In South Dakota" B. - Return Monsooner: Aug. '20 (USA), Aug. '19 (Tanzania), Nov. '18 (Armenia) | Ipswich, South Dakota | University of North Dakota


Tony "The Untarnished" Fung - NYC


Rajani Mohan - NYC | Doctor


And where we’re actually monsooning next week:


San Salvador
Los Volcanes National Park
Santa Ana



We still have spots available, but not for long!

Want to join us? More details about the trip can be found here.


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