If I’m in the photo or the photo is really really professional, then the photography credit goes to Paul Woo.



Survivors of the reckoning.



This morning we cruised down the west coast of St Lucia towards Soufriere, home to the famous Pitons, beautiful botanical gardens, sulphur baths, and waterfalls.



It’s time to celebrate getting this far!



The crown jewel of Saint Lucia is when you watch its coastline grow dramatically to the world famous Pitons.



Photoshoot time as we moor in the waters for the night.



She may not know how to swim yet, but she does know how to SUP now!



Kimmy tried to be our instructor, but we were too busy distracted by the Pitons in the background.



Afterwards we bought lobster by local fisherman that came up to our yacht to sell live produce. We haggled them down from $40/lb to $15/lb.









To what a sunset do we owe in enjoying this lobster dinner:



Then it was a night on the sea, underneath the stars, and away from civilization and COVID:



The next morning after breakfast we docked at Sugar Beach and stepped ashore for a hike. Whether with view from the top of the Pitons or at the modest falls ($3 per person), there are plenty of options to choose from to make up for the lack of exercise for the week.



Afterwards we walked onwards towards the town of Soufiere where our yacht and skipper would pick us up.



The town itself is small enough that you can walk all of it end to end in 10 minutes.



After a quick lunch at Bellview and then provisional shopping at the local Massy’s . . .



. . . we headed onwards towards Marigot Bay.

Just don’t forget to come back here for more photos by sunset the next day:



Nature just got served.



Or simply great to pose with:




- At time of posting in Pitons, it was 27 °C - Humidity: 11% | Wind Speed: 34km/hr | Cloud Cover: sunny


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