The Yacht Week x The Monsoon Diaries: French Polynesia Days 5 & 6: It’s Never a “Bor-a Bora!”

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After an epic regatta run, we made sure to stay up on deck to take in the view of our approach to the legendary and iconic island of Bora Bora. After all, a warm welcome from the dolphins at the reef pass is more than enough of a reason to stay outdoors.



Or you can stay inside where a warm welcome with duck may be another option:



As we approached the island, we already saw how it had much to offer ashore and at sea. Activities abound here but with limited availability so make sure you have them booked before you arrive.



We then anchored right outside the Bora Bora Yacht Club for our themed Polynesian chic party.



Taking dinghies to the Yacht Club (where I got to drive, horribly), we toasted to sunset and dinner at this magical spot.



Just in time before the rainstorm:



What was very special here was that every time we’d take a photo, the light would change:



I’m very proud of my monsooners. When the music started and everyone else stayed dry on the dance floor . . .



. . . .we quickly became “those people” at the party:



After the festivities ended at 11pm, we dinghy karaoke’d on our way back to our yachts. While some headed to other yachts to party, I slept in early to wake up to another day in paradise on Earth:



This island is more than a cliché spot to sit back simply taking in all that white sand and blue water with a cocktail in hand – there’s also a sea turtle sanctuary, 4×4 rentals for an off-road experience, cruising the island in a “fun car” for two…

When it came down to a vote, all of us chose to go snorkeling with an early 8:30am start beginning from the docks outside Bloody Mary’s.



But not just any snorkeling: it was 2 hours of swimming with black-tipped sharks and stingrays:



After returning to our yacht for lunch, Gina went off for wakeboarding, Craig opted for kit surfing, and the rest of us headed back onto land for guided 4×4 rentals around the island:



This was our chance to head inland into the jungle for stupendous views of the island facing the sea:



It just so happens that our ATV rental pick-up and drop-off site was situated right next to the Intercontinental – Le Moana property, so we took that as our first sign to ditch the yacht for a night and stay here on land. The next sign was finding out from our skipper Borna, just as we were dropping off our ATVs, that our electrical generator on our yacht “luckily” and right at “the nick of time” would go out of commission; that meant no A/C or water for the night.

So if you wish to spend a night in one of the luxury resorts because it’s something you just have to do (I know, right?!) because of a yacht breaking down, this would be the night. The last sign I needed to cinch the deal was finding out we would be taking the very very last 2 available cabanas at the IHG – Le Moana.



3 for 3! I’d say that’s an obvious call.



Because WHY NOT (when will we get to do this again?!):



After taking our time freshening up at the IHG, we then dressed up for dinner in our South Pacific themed wear for the famous venue of Bloody Mary’s:



We left Bloody Mary’s a few hours earlier than expected, simply because you can’t stay at a property like this on Bora Bora without catching a proper sunrise:



By 9am we returned to the docks to be picked up by our repaired yacht for the last day of our week here, admiring the rainbows at the marina before setting sail back to Raiatea.




- At time of posting in Bora Bora, it was 24 °C - Humidity: 80% | Wind Speed: 21km/hr | Cloud Cover: sunny


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