The Leaves Are “Rhossili” in the Winds of Pembrokshire

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From Brecon Breacons we drove an hour’s south to Swansea, Wales’ second city after Cardiff and birthplace to Dylan Thomas and Catherine Zeta Jones, before stopping at the atmospheric Mumbles Pier:



We then continued 40 minutes across the Gower peninsula to enjoy the sweeping views and clifftops of Rhossili Bay from Worm’s Head:



Look hard enough and you can find the Wreck of the Helvetia on the beaches here.



Nice day for paragliding:



After 2 hours here, we cut across 2 hours up and furtherwest into Pembrokeshire National Park, with a first stop at Saint Govan’s Chapel, a tiny cliff-side chapel named for a hermit who had lived there during the 6th century.



You can access it by a set of stairs from the car park.



Just a few paces away is Huntsman’s Leap, where allegedly a huntsman made this jump on his horse, after which he then died from shock after turning back and looking at what he had accomplished. But this was closed due to military exercises that warned us not to get in the way of the active firing range. Dejected we then inched 15 minutes more to the Stack Rocks Car Park, where we were supposed to admire the natural formations of Green Bridge, Elegug Stacks, and The Cauldron…but due to even more unforeseen military exercises there we were told we couldn’t drive through and visit, let alone take the footpath to visit.


Not wanting to be cannon fodder, we licked our wounds and finished our day of driving with a final 40 minute stretch to our lodgings at Broad Haven, once a hotspot for UFO sightings as part of the Dyfed Triangle.



Dinner at Anchor Guest Lodge!



\With the new moon in our favor, all we want to see tonight are stars. But in the meantime, we play drinking games and UNO.



…and the losers (and anyone supporting them) gotta do night streaking into the cold waters of Broad Haven Beach!



We just didn’t know you have to run like, an entire marathon, into the low tides to finally reach the waters and jump in!



For those of you good at math, yes one person is missing and chickened out. But we managed to finally convince him to go back in!



- At time of posting in Broad Haven, it was 12 °C - Humidity: 89% | Wind Speed: 8km/hr | Cloud Cover: partly cloudy


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