Don’t “Strey”-moy Too Far Away!

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Good morning Tórshavn!



From the capital city of Tórshavn, we set out at 10am after breakfast for the 15 minute drive up to the gorgeous mountain pass of Norðadalsskarð:



We spent a good 10 minutes admiring this epic view before driving up another 27 minutes to the port town of Vestmanna; it’s surrounded by the mountains of Hægstafjall (296 m or 971 ft), Økslin (317 m or 1,040 ft), Loysingafjall (639 m or 2,096 ft), and Moskurfjall (624 m or 2,047 ft):



After an hour stretching our legs here we weaved around for another 45 minutes’ drive to the village of Saksun.



This village lies in the bottom of what used to be an inlet of the sea surrounded by high mountains, which conditions helped turn it into a deep natural harbor until a storm blocked it with sand.



This harbor then became a relatively inaccessible lagoon that only small boats could reach on high tide.



Its church at the bottom of the hills…majestic.



Weaving back and driving 25 minutes, we then reached the layered waterfalls scene of Fossá:



From Fossa, we drove up to Tjørnuvík, the northernmost village on the island. From here you can get views of Risin og Kellingin (The Giant and the Witch/Hag), two sea stacks just off the northern coast of the island of Eysturoy.



The Giant (Risin) is the further 71m stack from the coast, and the witch (Kellingin) is the 68m closer stack, standing with her legs apart.



While there, Lydia and Vanessa stumbled upon a cute little cafe that was actually someone’s home. Waffle and coffee for €7!




- At time of posting in Streymoy, it was 11 °C - Humidity: 88% | Wind Speed: 18km/hr | Cloud Cover: cloudy, rainy, overcast


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