Mykines: A Puffin Disney World

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As Bruce was leaving a day earlier, we took that as an opportunity to not only drop him off with a free ride to the airport on Vagar island and then continue onwards for 10:45am Ferry #36 at Sørvágur.

Bruce’s flight departure, however, was then delayed an hour, which would cause him to miss his onward flight back to NYC. Presented with all the alternative rebooking options, he decided to stay an extra day with us; when he made this decision at 8:45am, I found out that our 10:45am ferry was already fully booked. However, I also found a last minute “overflow” ferry at 9am that he could rush onboard to. Calling Lydia’s car back to retrieve him, he was quickly dropped off just in time.



This one hour ferry ride takes us to the remote island of Mykines, the westernmost of the 18 Faroe Islands.



After docking, we joined the beeline of visitors climbing up a steep hill to reach the main town.



Pay 250DKK for the hike further up to the top ridge and you’ll see how this island is the home of thousands of puffins during the mating season of August.



It’s also great spot for an hour’s hike towards the lighthouse on the inlet of Mykineshólmur, but due to a landslide, it would be closed for this year.



Instead we turned around for an hour’s hike in the other direction along the high ridge. Don’t fall off! No railings here.



But try your best not to be distracted by the steep cliff drops below:



The views of the town from the top:



Once we reached town, we settled in at the town’s only 2 cafés which are oddly sandwiched back to back both serving their own unique versions of homemade cakes and fish soup. Are they even friends?



With 3 hours left on the island, some of us luckily boarded the last minute scheduled extra 3pm ferry, while some of us missed out and stayed for the 5:05pm ferry from Mykines back to Sørvágur:



Lucky for us, our return ferry decided to make a detour for an up close view of Drangarnir before returning us home.




- At time of posting in Mykines, it was 10 °C - Humidity: 100% | Wind Speed: 37km/hr | Cloud Cover: cloudy, rain


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