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For years I’ve heard many great things about Boseong’s famous year-round blooming Green Tea fields especially from all its photos that reminded me of the tea fields of Munnar, India.



To get there from Busan via public transportation may require a lot of willpower, however. You have to wake up early and head from wherever you are to to Sasang Bus Terminal, then board a 4 hour 7:00am bus to Boseong, which gets you into Boseong Bus Terminal at around 11am, after which you have to then board another bus to reach the actual tea fields. That means a nearly 5-6 hour journey each way.

Therefore our new friend and local Sooyoung who I met for the first time yesterday instead offered us another local’s contact who owned a private bus company. This offer from above cut down that journey into a 3.5 hour direct drive from Busan to Boseong.



Needless to say, Sooyoung saved this part of the trip. We were able to sleep in more, get to Boseong early, and wandered nearly the entirety of Boseong’s 67 acres of green tea production for 4 hours without feeling like we needed to rush home before dark.



Once you arrive at the parking lot, look to the northwest part of the lot to find the sign and elevated ridge. Head there.



Climb the stairs up onto the ridge and hike up to the ticket office to gain entry for 4,000 won per person:



Then the fields are yours! With over 9 million trees (6-7 of them dedicated to green tea), Boseong is responsible for 40% of Korea’s entire tea production alone.



Take your time exploring, since you probably had to do such a thing to even get here.



Weaving around the fields, you can hike up to the very top for these views:



Once we returned back down to the ticket office area, we looked for a place to eat.



So if you can, buy and eat all the green tea products! Unfortunately for us most of the restaurants inside the “park” was closed save for some cafés serving drinks and green tea ice cream . . .



So we instead made our time’s worth with green tea cookies . . .



Green tea jelly . . .



Green tea financier cakes . . .



Green tea-fed BBQ meat (we finally found lunch options at a cafeteria restaurant by the parking lot! You have to pick your meat downstairs at the butcher shop first and they’ll then cook it upstairs in the cafeteria) . . .



Green tea … something macaroni…



And surprisingly NO sightings of green tea Kit Kats! But luckily at this point we had enough of green tea everything, so we returned back to Busan at around 3:15pm for a 8pm free for all dinner and night all.



- At time of posting in Boseong Green Tea Fields, it was n/a - Humidity: n/a | Wind Speed: n/a | Cloud Cover: n/a


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