The Yacht Week Greece Day 5 – M-“Ermioni” Mo’ Problems

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This morning as most again once slept through the morning’s activities including a swim and guided meditation, Megan finally prepared for us her legendary bagels.



At 8am we then raised our anchors and set sail for Ermioni. While along the way we tried to find a calm enough spot to build The Yacht Week’s circle raft, we were let down once again; just like what happened for us in the French Polynesia, the winds proved too strong and we instead chose to dock earlier on land.

Nature wins again. Our sorrows were therefore drowned out by Megan’s handmade bagels.



Lazying around the docks of Ermioni with far more extra time than expected, we then agreed to an opportunity for a free yoga session at a studio overlooking the port of Ermioni at 2:30pm.



After an hour of yoga that felt more like a workout class (there were reps!), we returned to change for our day party for the Café del Poseidon theme at Cavo Bianco.

Our party was so large we ended up saving money by ordering their largest bottle: a 6 liter tank of Belvedere vodka for €1200 split among 47 of us.



This is also arguably TYW’s best party by general consensus among both guests and staff, and many of us made the most of it with more than just the 6L of Belvedere.. let’s just say at one point something compelled everyone to come by for a hug (and I had thought everyone just loved how we led Jerusalema on the dance floor…).



After 5 hours of rolling into sunset with nonstop music and dancing, we then reconvened back at our boats on the marina to feast over gyros and kebabs our skipper Orlagh and Megan had picked up for us.



There we debated back and forth how many times we wanted to drop by Millennium Bar across the street for a party that wouldn’t seem as much fun as Cavo Bianco. The result was that most of us gave into popping by Millennium an average of 2 times before saying our first goodbyes to Paul and Jeff (who had onward travel they couldn’t postpone) and retiring to bed.




- At time of posting in Ermioni, it was 28 °C - Humidity: 60% | Wind Speed: 5km/hr | Cloud Cover: still hot. hasn't changed


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