Di-M-Zey World

 How does the DMZ, aka the active conflict region between South and North Korea, look these days? I was last here on the North Korean side of the demilitarized zone 11 years ago and I have to admit, it's a little bittersweet to feel a bit of homecoming.We were...

The Mundari

 Wake up to paradise at 5:30am:  And yet paradise is just a figure of expression, a figure of experience.  This is no different.  Spending a night and morning with them has been one of the most rewarding experiences in Africa so far,...

Play a Song from the Juba‘x: South Sudan, The Newest Country in the World

 Yesterday I began my marathon itinerary of flights with a premium economy American Airlines seat from NYC to Doha.  I'm glad I didn't bother with figuring out miles for business class; I nearly had the whole premium economy cabin to...

Meet the Monsooners to South Korea & Jeju Island!

  Our returners: Donna “Spyglass” Vo: 8 time monsooner and having visited 13+ countries with me, returning from Svalbard, Sardinia, Isle of Man & Northern Ireland, Australia & New Zealand, Prague & Budapest, Japan, Cyprus, and The French Polynesia Ann...

Don’t Be So Conakry If You’re Back in Guinea!

 Conarky marks my last stop on this unbelievable West African hopper itinerary I found randomly on Skyscanner. After 6 days in Burkina Faso, 1 day in Sierra Leone, and 1 day in Liberia...all connected by direct flights by reputable world class airlines, I finish...

Monrovia-ng ‘Round the World

 Before we continue with this unbelievable "West Africa" hopper itinerary I'm on, for Liberia you need to arrange visas way ahead of schedule. Unfortunately unlike Sierra Leone's visa on arrival or Guinea's E-visa on arrival, Libera requires an appointment...

Freetown at Last

 With 6 days of Burkina Faso behind us, it became to mentally prepare for my long marathon of flights back home.Facing numerous options to fly back home to NYC via Brussels, Lisbon, or Paris, I stumbled upon an incredible "West Africa" hopper itinerary on...

Walking With a S’Ouaga-dougou

 This morning at 8am we left our hotel at Niorida and made an early trip back to Ouagadougou by first stopping at Laongo Granite Park.  Here, over 2000 sculptures carved into stone greet visitors, while also expressing the history, culture,...

The Fresh Prince of Tiébélé-Air

 As if we hadn't had enough of these long West Africa road trips, today takes another toll on us with a 5 hour long road-trip to Tiébélé while passing through Pô, the city where the military first rebelled in 1983 to overthrow the president and brought...

Have You Watched Bobo Dioulasso Yet?

 This morning we explored the old neighborhood of Bobo Dioulasso for a feeling of what life was like in old Burkina Faso when it was colonized and referred to as the Upper Volta.Its present name, Burkina Faso, was given by Thomas Sankara and translates as “The...
The First Month & Monsoon of the Year Is….ABIDJAN-UARY!

The First Month & Monsoon of the Year Is….ABIDJAN-UARY!

  The end of 2022 was coming around and nobody was yet taking up my offer to repeat our Caribbean adventure last January. So my gut started talking and I began to consider postponing the original plan in favor of a different excursion. Poking around options...

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