Meet the Monsooners to Libya!

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Like Syria, it’s a great life where even if I’m heading to a place like Libya, a wonderful group of great people will always come along. It has happened before, it has happened again, and again, and it is happening again. People who follow through. People who prove themselves by following through.

So once more, 6 exceptional, self-actualized, forward thinking, culturally competent, and socially conscious individuals — 5 of whom have traveled with me before — are joining me for an experience where 99% of the world would’ve otherwise looked the other way.

. . . And I’m especially grateful to those returning with me for their 2nd, 5th, or even 19th monsoon:


Once again, I introduce our monsooners:


Calvin "O Captain My Captain" Sun - Expedition Leader | NYC


Paul "Shaman" Woo – Returning Monsooner: Nov. '23 (Canary Islands), Jul. '23 (Greece YW & Tomorrowland), Jan. '22 (St. Lucia & Martinique) | Photographer | OH


Francis "Francois" DeAsis - Returning Monsooner: Sept. '23 (Syria) | Miami | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician



Mihaela "Compass" K. - Lieutenant, Senior Monsooner: Sept. '23 (Syria), Jun. '22 (Svalbard), Oct. '21 (Saudi Arabia), Sept.'21 (Sardinia/Corsica), Jun '21 (Cyprus), Aug. '20 (USA), Dec. '19 (Egypt), Nov. '18 (Armenia), June '18 (The Persian Gulf), Oct. '17 (Slovenia), Aug. '17 (The Balkans), May '17 (Luxembourg), Mar. '17 (Scotland), Jan. '17 (Mongolia & Tibet), May '23 (Horn of Africa) | NYC | Cytologist, Mt. Sinai


Leshawn "Electric Slide" Anderson - Returning Monsooner: Sept. '23 (Syria) | NJ


Letti Hale - Returning Monsooner: Winter '23 (The Gulf of Guinea) | Dentist | Las Vegas


Corinna A. - Alexa Capital | London, UK



And where we’re actually monsooning to next month:


Tripoli, Libya


Jebel Nafusa, Libya
Sabratha, Libya


Leptis Magna, Libya



Still interested in joining us? More details about the trip can be found here.

And space is still available! Accepting non-USA passport holders only; USA passport deadline has passed, although exceptions may apply. Inquire within: calvin[at]monsoondiaries[dot]com.


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