The entire trip:





Destination Arrival
1 Montevideo, Uruguay December 9, 2013
2 Colonia, Uruguay December 10, 2013
3 Buenos Aires, Argentina December 10, 2013
4 Ushuaia, Argentina December 12, 2013
5 The Drake Passage, December 14, 2013
6 Lemaire Channel, Antarctica December 16, 2013
7 Paradise Harbor, Antarctica December 17, 2013
8 Neko Harbor, Antarctica December 18, 2013
9 Deception Island, Antarctica December 19, 2013
10 El Calafate, Argentina December 23, 2013
11 Torres del Paine, Chile December 23, 2013
12 El Perito Moreno, Argentina December 24, 2013
13 Buenos Aires, Argentina December 25, 2013
14 Madrid, Spain December 26, 2013
15 Dubai, United Arab Emirates December 27, 2013
16 Lahore, Pakistan December 28, 2013
17 Hyderabad, Pakistan January 1, 2014
18 Karachi, Pakistan January 2, 2014
19 Lahore, Pakistan January 4, 2014
20 Manama, Bahrain January 6, 2014

Monsooners: Antarctica – Anderson “All-Star” Lee, Tabitha “The Alchemist” Shook, Vineet “I Didn’t Do It” Devaiah, PJ “The Champ” Danarh, Arti “Child of the World” B, Dennis “Vormund”, Joreen “Unfiltered” Tay, Victor “Designated Driver” Ng, Simon “The Historian” Lu, Grace “The Scholar” An, Lui “Guardian of the Dungeon”, Morello, Alex “Enabled by the Guardian of the Dungeon” Hardy, Esther “Perpetual Motion” Wisse, Patrick “The Grand Cannon” Le Quere, Benjamin “The Virtuoso”, Scott “Streaking Redefined” Frazier, Sandra “Queen of the Amazon” Friedel, Serena “Queen of the Ice” Yuan, Gareth “The Guvnor” Johnson; Pakistan – Mariam “O Darling, My Darling” Dar

Remarks: “This was such an amazing trip and I’m so glad that we had a perfect mix of new friends that came together that made it so fun and memorable. Definitely surreal and felt like a dream with TONS of photos and videos.” – Simon Lu

“Thanks to everyone part of the Monsoon Diaries/YPT Antarctica trip for making the experience even more memorable and fun. Keep striving!” – Grace An

“It’s the most epic trip I’ve ever taken.” – Tabitha Shook

“My trip was amazing. What an incredible end to the year with an expedition to Antarctica and a floating party. Can’t imagine a more perfect mix of friends to experience Antarctica with.” – Scott Frazier

“…an epic trip to Antarctica.” – Vineet Devaiah

“We had wonderful days in Antarctica with lovely and stinky penguins.” – Arti B

“Ice and penguins and more ice and snow and glaciers and a perfect honeymoon.” – Dennis

“Special thanks to The Monsoon Diaries and Young Pioneer Tours for making this the trip of a lifetime!” – Tabitha Shook 

“Unforgettable trip to the white desert!” – Joreen Tay

“Have safely returned from the most remote place on earth with Young Pioneer Tours and the Monsoon Diaries — 😀 feeling great.” – Alex Hardy

“Antarctica is met stip binnen gekomen als de indrukwekkendste ervaring tot nu toe.” – Esther Wisse

“…an amazing Antarctican adventure!” – Patrick Le Quere



Destination Arrival
1 Reykjavik, Iceland October 31, 2013
2 Jokusarlon, Iceland November 1, 2013
3 Gullfoss, Iceland November 2, 2013
4 Blue Lagoon, Iceland November 3, 2013

Monsooners: Andrea “The Activist” Trillo, Mel “Puffin-Toed” Tri, Danny “Gonna Shank You” Tran, Jenn “The Unicorn” Lau, Tracy “Queen of Scots” Thai, Bill “Prefontaine” Zhang, Alistair “Monkey Bars/Where’s Alistair?” Morgan, Suhrid “Subkuch Milega” Mantravadi, Freema “Gunner Wants Sum Borscht” Vinnikov

Remarks: “I met Calvin on a random ED shift, and on a spontaneous decision decided to join him and a group going to Iceland. One of the biggest benefit of traveling in a larger group is the ability to split and minimize costs. We rented a large converted all terrain van and went sightseeing in places that no one went to. We also rented our own cars and drove around Iceland. I still look back at some of my fondest memories from that trip. If you’re thinking about taking a trip with the Monsooners, just do it, you’ll thank yourself that you did.” – Bill Zhang

“Calvin, thanks for the experience 🙂 I am gonna convince more Columbia Kappas to go do a Monsoon Diaries adventure!” – Tracy Thai

I must admit you are quite committed. I am impressed. Will definitely travel again. Thanks for everything (our fearless leader)!” – Danny Tran

“Had an incredible time with these guys. If you love to travel definitely check out monsoondiaries.com . . . Amazing time. Great peoples to travel with. Go check it out.” – Danny Tran

“Had an awesome time in Iceland, thanks so much for organizing everything. I will definitely stay tuned for future Monsoon adventures!” – Freema Vinnikov

“Yo mate – had a great time in Iceland. Was good to see you. Made some great friends and can barely speak today due to singing so much.” – Alistair Morgan

“I had a great time with you mate – would love to travel with you again, so if not this time (although feeling good about this time), keep me updated as I’m sure I can hop onto your next trip.” – Alistair Morgan (again)

“Dude, get your 7 hours [of sleep] tonight. You need it, LOL! I had fun. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you real soon!” – Andrea Trillo

“Had a blast in Iceland!” – Bill Zhang


Destination Arrival
1 San Pedro Sula, Honduras June 22, 2013
2 Copan Ruinas, Honduras June 22, 2013
3 Tegucigalpa, Honduras June 23, 2013
4 Managua, Nicaragua June 24, 2013
5 Granada, Nicaragua June 24, 2013
6 Rivas, Nicaragua June 25, 2013
7 Pena Blancas, Costa Rica June 25, 2013
8 San Jose, Costa Rica June 25, 2013
9 Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica June 26, 2013
10 Quepos, Costa Rica June 27, 2013
11 Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica June 28, 2013
12 Paso Canoas, Panama June 29, 2013
13 Panama City, Panama June 29, 2013

Monsooners: Angela “Ah-Choo-eey!” Chen, Jun “Be Water My Friend” Wakabayashi, George “Bannne” Mu, Matt Chen, Kym “Stars & Sunrises” Pham, Erick “Ooh-rah!” Capulong, Bill “Smoothie King/Slim Shady” Zou

Remarks: “Thank you for planning an amazing trip to Central America – it was an awesome experience! . . . I look forward to traveling with you again, perhaps when you go back to India!” – Bill Zou



Destination Arrival
1 New York City, USA December 31, 2012
2 Port-au-Prince, Haiti January 1, 2013
3 Cap-Haitien, Haiti January 2, 2013
4 Milot, Haiti January 4, 2013
5 Ouanaminthe, Haiti January 5, 2013
6 Dajabon, Dominican Republic January 5, 2013
7 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic January 5, 2013
8 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic January 6, 2013

Monsooners: Reny “The Ambassador” Pascual, Jackie “The Artist” Ho, Ben “Walking Stick” Tso, Sam “Firecracker” Wong

Remarks: “Thanks for the great trip as well. Tell everyone it was great meeting them!” – Sam Wong