Before The Monsoon: Want Anything From The Delhi?

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After a few days in Mumbai, Rahul took Dan and me on a cheap Indigo flight to New Delhi to meet with the rest of his family.



We managed to get in some light (and odd) reading in on the flight:



Arriving into Delhi, we first visit a few Jain temples; Rahul’s family practices Jainism and he wanted to take advantage of our trip to do a quasi pilgrimage here.



Afterwards we visited India’s memorial to Ghandi at Mahatma Gandhi’s park:



We then headed down Rajpath (“King’s Path”), the main ceremonial boulevard of New Delhi that leads to India Gate.



We also explored a bit of the Red Fort:


…where I had another WTF moment by running into Amrita (another college buddy, this time #5) hanging nearby:



Rahul also ran into one of his aunts, who sells goods by Red Fort:



We then walked over to my favorite, The Jama Masjid, one of India’s largest mosques and one my personal favorite places in New Delhi.



By the mosque are a few street markets and a famous restaurant called Karim’s:



We also headed to the food stalls at Chandni Chowk to grab even more food:



… and then we braved the infamous Delhi traffic when returning back to Rahul’s family.


The Jain Clan



- At time of posting in New Delhi, it was 40 °C - Humidity: 90% | Wind Speed: 10km/hr | Cloud Cover: sunny


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