Review On Filipino Food

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Walked 7.2 miles today according to my pedometer

Adobos: a classic Filipino dish of chicken and pork, in our case just chicken, cooked with garlic and rice. Pretty tasty but nothing too exceptional.

Halo-Halo: This fantastic Filipino dessert with ube ice cream (taro), shaved or crushed ice, syrup, milk, and other little goodies. Calvin loves this one… three seconds in and it’s gone!

Aristocrats: this restaurant that we ate at today for lunch. We didn’t get anything too adventurous such as a half-embryonic duck or liver or other such items, but we sampled some other dishes, for example the chicken adobos.

Harbor View: Fish! I love seafood and so we went to this seafood restaurant for dinner today before getting ready to board our overnight bus to Banaue. It was my first time eating a fish that was not filleted since that time that I caught a flounder on a fishing boat when I was a kid!

Get everything ihwa (grilled), with their special appropriate sauce. Calvin also got this mango crepe thing for dessert… which I’m sure he could talk about some more later.

Gotta run to catch our overnight bus!


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