First Impressions of Hanoi

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Yesterday was the first official day spent in Vietnam…

We’ve found that it’s drastically different from the Philippines. On the night that we arrived, I was confused to see nice cars, to get into a nice taxi, and to see a higher socioeconomic strata of people. I was even further confused to find really kind and helpful accomodations and genuine attempts to help us save money on our Ha Long Bay excursion and on our transportation to Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh.

Although- there is a curfew here and nothing is open past 11.. No lights are even on. The streets are pitch black. We discovered his when attempting to explore the area upon arrival in the city and getting lost multiple times.

Calvin can’t handle the heat and humidity- he’s always looking for a fan or air conditioning… Weak.

I met some French tourists today! A man who refers to himself as Tourie- a frenh-morroccan man randomly approached me asking “ca va?” and when I answered in French, he got really excited. He and the rest of his tour group are from Paris and they’re spending 12 days in Vietnam. I told him about our trip, what we all studied/study in college, etc. We talked for a while and exchanged emails – next time I’m in Paris, he’s going to show me around!

I tried to communicate with a pharmacist yesterday about pain medications for my ankle and got antibiotitcs instead. fail.

Videos will be coming once I can find a computer at which I can upload them…


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