So after my run and encounter with the old man this afternoon, I headed out for some sightseeing.

Before I start, however, this is an example of the machines that I was talking about in an earlier post.


1. National War Memorial:

So I hopped on the subway – line 4 – from Becky’s apartment to Samgakji station. I walked up, had no clue where to go, and so decided to get a snack at a nearby hawker stand. It was this doughy thing that they had fried(?) on a skewer. You then used a baking brush thing to put some soy-looking sauce on it. It was pretty decent. I asked them in what direction I should walk to reach the memorial… and they had no idea what I was saying. So, I just decided to walk down the street until I either found it or found someone who could tell me.

Well…. I first found a coffee shop where I got espresso poured over gelato (really good) and directions to the War Memorial.

It’s here to commemorate all those who died in the Korean War.


This is a short video of the back portion with all of the old, war planes, tanks, and re-creations.

This is the view from the top of the stairs leading to the DMZ museum… and of a woman running in circles.

2. Namsam Park and N Seoul Tower:

Hopped back onto line 4 from the War Memorial to Myeongdong station – where there was an underground mall…

I walked up and out and again didn’t really know where I was going so decided to follow the signs leading to Namsam Park… hoping that it would lead me to the cable car to the tower.

So I walked. And walked. And walked up that hill until I reached the park. Thinking that the cable car must be up somewhere after the park – I entered the park and continued walking up the stairs, hill, and through the woods to Grandma’s house. I didn’t realize that if I had just continued around the corner… I would have reached the cable car.



Aaand… after climbing some more stairs up – I found some stairs down – and out through the woods peeked the cable car!


So I took the cable car up and then climbed the remaining stairs to the base of the tower where you take an elevator up to the top.

The views from the top of the tower were pretty incredible.


Outside the Tower was pretty cool as well…


So funny story – I bought a roundtrip ticket for the cable car. Too bad that I went the wrong way down (I took the road instead of the stairs) and ended up missing the cable car jump off point.

I thought, oh well, walking is good for you. And it is. It’s just a little frustrating when you can’t seem to ever reach the damn bottom of the hill.

I eventually made it down and then hopped back on the subway (a different line because I ended up on a different side than the one that I started on), transferred at the next stop, and headed back to Becky’s apartment.




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