So this afternoon, when Becky went off to work, I went for a run in the park next to her apartment.

Cool thing – there are also these workout machines that use your weight (instead of adjustable weights) inside the park as well! So after you run on the track that runs in and around the park, you can do some weights.

Well, I was using one that basically just simulates a push up when this strange, old, Korean man comes up to me and starts blabbering and trying to talk to me in Korean. When I made it clear that I didn’t speak a LICK of Korean, he continued, hoping that I would somehow understand and reply with something.

I tried figuring out what he was saying – making hand gestures and such (he was making some too) – and when I would get it wrong – he kept slapping my hand….

He was standing pretty close over me so it was hard to just stand up and walk away – but I finally did get up and move to the next machine. He pulled over some other youngsters like myself to try to talk to them about me. Apparently I was right that he was making no sense whatsoever because they seemed confused by his blabber as well.

In the end, the old man waved goodbye to me with a huge grin and the cute couple just shrugged at me and chuckled a little with me as well.


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