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I’m now in the Rajasthan district of India, doing a back to back visit of its capital Jaipur, “the pink city”, and nearby Jodhpur, “the blue city.”

Let’s see how pink and blue go together…


A friendly Kingfisher staff at Amritsar airport

Relaxing in the American Express lounge for Platinum members





In my Jaipur rickshaw, I see…


...a lady with child...

...a curious youth...

...and a man with no fingers


There’s also nearby Amber Fort:


Amber Fort

Amber Fort just got served

Hello Goat.

Rajasthani goods

Out and about around Jaipur:

Of course, I stir up trouble

Jaipur really is pink

...and not without its homeless





From Jaipur, I made my way to Jodhpur via overnight bus:


On my way to Jodhpur via overnight bus

A crow greets the morning


Like Jaipur’s Amber Fort, Jodhpur has its own: The Mehrangarh Fort.


Jodhpur's Mehrangarh Fort rises in the distance

On my way to Mehrangarh Fort

Cannonball scars greet my arrival

All of a sudden, the ads in Indian visa office in NYC come alive...the Blue City is really that blue!

Don’t miss the actual handprints of 108 widows who committed suicide/sati by throwing themselves on their husband’s (a very polygamous maharaja) funeral pyre. This took place only about a century ago:


A fort that never has been conquered

What my living room will look like one day

I didn't know stained glass lighting worked this well

Where the current maharaja lives...is also a luxury hotel and restaurant

Women's quarters; the oldest intact portion of the fort

A side note: I found out today that Tarsem’s beautiful film, “The Fall” was filmed here in Jodhpur. Watch the movie and you’ll notice many visuals of the blue city and clever use of the Mehrangarh Fort. 

No CGI was used in that film (or in my photos); the blue city is really that blue!

The blue city of Jodhpur just got served

A close up

Mehrangarh Fort just got served from Jaswant Thada

- At time of posting in Jodhpur, India, it was 100.4 °F - Humidity: 37% | Wind Speed: 2km/hr | Cloud Cover: scattered clouds