So this is how I packed for roughly 12 days in Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, and Morocco. The temperature ranges from 35 (F, at might) to 65 (F, during the day).


About 4 shirts, ranging from tank top to cashmere sweater, and one quick drying thermal.


Just in case of cold weather...


For going out


Everything in a plastic bag


Free samples and things from hotels (hehe) make good travel toiletries.


towels for hostels, huggies for when I can't find a shower


Underwear and toiletries all go in a shower caddy that opens and hangs up. Very useful when things shouldn't touch the ground,


For the daypack: Sketching stuff, watercolors, medicinal stuff.


And here we go!


I think I packed appropriately for the weather and the right amount (Note: Always check the weather before you go! My mom swore it was going to be cold/rainy, so she insisted we spend obscene amounts of money on gear from Patagonia. I checked the weather and found it would be just the opposite. Always check the weather, but be prepared, the nights get colder.)

One kinda funny thing I would recommend concerns underwear. I found that during backpacking or travel in general, bringing lacier or mesh type underwear (with cotton where its important!) is better since you can wash it and it’ll dry in 20 minutes.



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