Beginner’s Luck

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You know what I thought of the other day? If Calvin married a lady friend with the last name Moon (some Koreans have this surname) and she decided that she wanted to have both names registered as her surnames, she would be ***** Moon Sun. Or if she kept her name, they would be introduced as Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon. Kinda cool right? They could probably get away with naming their kid Earth or something. But anyways, howdy! I’ll be joining Calvin on a little adventure to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco, and he’s asked me to contribute to the blog, so here I am. People say “write about what you know” and what I know is nothing. I am a beginner traveler.

The title is “Beginner’s Luck” and I think that it’s an entirely appropriate and relevant phrase to introduce what will be the beginner’s experience in traveling. I am a beginner in that I am not well-traveled; I am instead, well-vacationed. And it’s lucky for me that I have this opportunity to travel. I’ve read Calvin’s travel manifesto before, and I agree that your 20’s is the ideal time to travel and go big or [stay] home, but I can sympathize with people who just can’t seem to get up and go. There are a million excuses to stay home, and a lot of them can be pretty legitimate: work, family, expense, school, etc. In my case, it was overprotective and highly imaginative parents.

Calvin’s already put forth a convincing argument for our case, and I’m also going to assume that anyone looking through this blog has at least a smidgen of wanderlust; therefore, instead of rattling off reasons why you should drop everything and buy the next plane ticket to a remote country with nothing but a shoestring and paper clip, I’m going to encourage you to keep reading the Monsoon Diaries, and hopefully, it will inspire you to come up with enough reasons for yourself.





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