So this is how last night started:



And how it ended:



At jam-packed local favorite (and hole in the wall..which is exactly what I was in the mood for!), El Xampanyet, the meal started off with delicious Spanish sparkling wine later accompanied by endless rounds of simple but incredible tapas; cheese stuffed peppers, sundried tomatoes mixed with cheese on top of potatoes, cured sausages, anchovies, various types of tapas-style meats, and the ultimate “ham of all hams.” 

For Katherine, it was “the best meal I ever had in my life. I’m not joking.” For everyone else, they seemed equally blissful.


All thanks to my friend from Barcelona, Ines — whom I met in Mysore a few months ago — who took very good care of us last night. It was another reason why the people you meet while traveling abroad can be friends worth keeping. And if one makes a promise, one follows through, no matter how far away from the other side of the world you are. Thanks for meeting up with us and showing us a great time.

Katherine’s personal take on the food: Game Changers: Food In Barcelona.




- At time of posting in Barcelona, it was 13 °C - Humidity: 71% | Wind Speed: 5km/hr | Cloud Cover: few clouds


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