“YAzd,” Queen!

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From Persepolis we head onwards to Yazd…



Along the drive we stopped for tea next to a 4,000 year old Bodhi Tree:




It helped to have sunset vibes at the time:




We arrive in Yazd 5 hours later.



Yazd is a remote city in the middle of Iran, relatively untouched by wars of history past and unaffected by the usual politics that besieges Tehran. You can tell by the way the city is laid out: a desert town that reflects its position as somewhat of an off-the-beaten path outpost.


Jame'-e Kabir Mosque


There’s not much to see here, save for the cityscape “skyline” of being in a desert town you thought only existed in history books and movies.



Panorama of Yazd (click to enlarge)


As well as a handful of beautiful mosques…



…and a Zoroastrian Fire Temple, housing a fire that has been burning for the last 1,500 years.


This fire is older than your grandmother


We probably spent no more than 3-4 hours getting an idea of what Yazd is about before we packed up and hopped on a 5 hours bus ride to Isfahan. Maybe if Iran decides to let me back in a second time around, I’ll come back for the carpets which is what Yazd is known for. Otherwise, onwards we go.


Dancing the night away

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- At time of posting in Esfahan, it was 17 °C - Humidity: 39% | Wind Speed: 4km/hr | Cloud Cover: n/a


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