So it’s Ruchika’s 22nd birthday today…




Welcome to Ukraine, where the underground bars are just out of this world. This is Palata #6 (play the video!):



Panorama of our underground hospital themed bar (click to enlarge).


I’m not judging or anything…but this is a birthday tradition called “The Injection.” Hey, I’m only an observing reporter.



And the moment when everyone finds out that every bar in Kiev has wifi…



How dare they. So we picked them up and headed out to a pub down the block for a brief respite. Is that a confederate flag in the background? I’m outta here (but first we have to rescue Ruchika).



…So we bounced quickly and left for a nightclub called “Sorry, Babushka!” 50 UAH cover.



No judgment in this house.

Speaking of which, due to large number of Asian American females that was entering our hostel (which puts the cherry on top by having illicit looking gray doors as its entrance), a bunch of AK-47 wielding Ukrainian cops came following thinking it was a brothel — they peeked their heads in asking for a “massage.” When they found out it was just a hostel with American tourists, they got upset and started a fight with us, even getting to a point of raiding the hostel. But whatcha gonna do?

So in about an hour we have to wake up to catch 9am buses to Chernobyl. And while everyone’s asleep I figure I’d pull an all-nighter and blog. 😀

I had fun, sobriety intact and all.



- At time of posting in Kiev, it was 1 °C - Humidity: 84% | Wind Speed: 11km/hr | Cloud Cover: clear


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