Our first group photo!

Today we explored the lovely little town of Quepos, which was once underwater filled with mangroves (thanks for that Jenn Gao!), and is so small it only takes 3 hours to see everything, even if you’re walking really really slowly:



We struck up a conversation with a bunch of Chinese restaurant owners at the “only Chinese restaurant in Manuel Antonio”; they were born in Costa Rica, spoke fluent Spanish along with a bit of English, but our group communicated with them in Cantonese and Mandarin. The world felt a little smaller while talking to them.

To make things even more interested, their local public school is funded by South Korea:



What else to do? Catch some kind of sunset at Playa Quepos:



 One of the BEST coffee I ever had at Cafe Milagro:


Eat some Comida Tipicas:


At Restaurant "Tipico"

At "Soda de Sanchez"; their food was so much better! Highly recommended!


 Become friends for life:


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- At time of posting in Quepos, it was 22 °C - Humidity: 73% | Wind Speed: 12km/hr | Cloud Cover: few clouds


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