Yeah, We Made It.

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Just landed in Keflavikurflugvollur, Iceland. Don’t know how I beat DC rush hour traffic from a Philly train to make it to an international flight leaving from Virginia, but I guess we all made it.

Even though it’s already 7am here in Iceland, it’s still pitch black outside and there are no photos to take…except that of interminable blackness. On the bright side, this bus has faster wifi than my own house.

When you fly in, btw, skip the expensive taxis and take the bus into Reykjavik. I think it’s my first time ever landing in an airport and not get hounded by taxi drivers in my face; they’ve given up on the fact you’re going to choose a bus anyway. 

You can choose the standard “FlyBus” which has been in existence for awhile and costs 2500ISK/pp for drop off at your place of stay, or the newer Gray Line which is exactly the same but 300ISK cheaper at 2200ISK/pp for drop off at your place of stay. Bus ride into the capital take about 50 minutes so take advantage of that wifi or catch up on that sleep you’re going to miss while here.

Will update more when we arrive in Reykjavik and check in! The 8th member of our group (and my old high school buddy!), Alistair, got in a day earlier from London and told me he was planning to wander around the city alone the whole night. Hopefully he’s still alive and knows where to meet us when we get in.



- At time of posting in Keflavikurflugvollur, it was 3 °C - Humidity: 74% | Wind Speed: 18km/hr | Cloud Cover: few clouds


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