The 3rd and final part of the wedding is the Walima, where the groom’s family hosts the bride’s family on their turf (their home, their city, their neighborhood, another venue, etc.), and everyone has one last dinner together.

We started our first full day in Karachi by taking it easy with Mariam’s family and then heading to the markets for some shopping and haggling.



Haggling is much easier here than in India. Since there are so few tourists (I actually haven’t met any during my 9 days here so far), the shopkeepers are absolutely determined that you leave having bought something, no matter how low you go. For items that originally had begun at around 9,000 rupees altogether, we were able to walk away with having paid only 3,000 rupees.

With whatever price they give you intiitally, start low and go slow. I always start with at least 1/4 of the original price and work up, 50 rupees at a time, from there. Pretend you’re never too interested in the item or else they’ll budge less, knowing you’ll cave sooner than they will.



After shopping, we freshened up and headed straight for the Walima:


It's wedding season! There were 3 weddings going on here simultaneously


Commence Dar/Butt family phototaking!



After a quick dinner, we did a little dancing for about half an hour before heading home:



Tomorrow we catch an early morning flight back to Lahore!



- At time of posting in Karachi Airport, it was 13 °C - Humidity: 43% | Wind Speed: 4km/hr | Cloud Cover: nil significant cloud


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