The gang at La Cabrera


Taking a 7pm bus leaving from Puerto Iguazu the night before, we arrived into Buenos Aires at 12:45pm the next day.

Fun fact: at this point I would have arrived into Buenos Aires in all 4 modes of transportation (air, train, ferry, and bus) within a span of 5 months (yes, cool story bro).

It’s good to be back so soon.


While everyone else went exploring on the same itinerary I did 4 months ago, I went to Galerias Pacificas to go shopping for some missing and broken items on the trip: iPhone 5 charger ($75 USD!!!), light waterproof jacket ($110 USD!!!)…even with the peso in freefall, things can get expensive in BA!

After reconvening at the hostel at 5pm, we then headed to La Cabrera in the Palermo Soho neighborhood for the 40% off happy hour (40% off all menu items and wine!) from 6:30-7:45pm. Unfortunately, we missed the happy hour by half an hour so we settled for regular dinner instead, which wasn’t so bad: their malbec house wine goes for $10 USD a bottle, and a ribeye steak for 2 goes for about $30 USD:


Steak in the "mariposa"/"butterfly" cut


Afterwards we headed to a nearby Gelato store on Honduras street for dessert:



We then hung around Palermo Soho for a bit, finding a bar around Plazoleta Julio Cortaza to get to know one another better:


Andy finds a "bar"

Where the real Monday nightlife is in Palermo Soho: Plazoleta Julio Cortaza

Street art in Palermo Soho


We then wrapped up our Monday night with bona-fide Argentine tango at Villa Malcolm (40 pesos per person) at 1am:




- At time of posting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it was 12 °C - Humidity: n/a | Wind Speed: 11km/hr | Cloud Cover: mostly clear


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