Flight To The Bahamas

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After the goodbyes, the remaining few arrived safe and sound in The Bahamas.



We waited a good hour in line to go through passport control since a deluge of flights arrived at the same time. That resulted in hundred and hundreds of Western tourists cramming into the airport. Countless American accents placed against a backdrop of jumbotrons selling big name hotels and resorts became overwhelming welcome signs of naked capitalism that we hadn’t experienced for a good 7 days. Ironically, culture shock would hit us in none other than The Bahamas.

After getting stamped in with no issues, we hailed a $50 USD van to take us all to the Hilton Resort over the local hostels since a few of us had status there and could get free rooms for the group.



And we just relaxed on the beach until sundown (or rather when a pack of mosquitoes chased us away inside).



We then stayed up watching videos, listening to music and enjoying each other’s company as a rainstorm raged outside.



The next morning we all headed to the airport where we said the last of our goodbyes. 



Anderson and I continued onwards to Jamaica.



- At time of posting in Nassau, The Bahamas, it was 28 °C - Humidity: 80% | Wind Speed: n/a | Cloud Cover: stormy and rainy


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