Today’s journey led us to the one and only Grand Canyon.


The Grand Canyon just got served
Photo Credit: Kelvin Sage


But before we got there, we woke up this morning to check out more of our wigwams during the day and said farewell to 3 members of the crew: Gareth, Clay, and George, who we will be meeting up with again in Venezuela in 3 days.



Then we drove 3 hours west and north towards the Grand Canyon:



Getting to the Grand Canyon wasn’t as quick as I had hoped:

1. 30 minutes in traffic

2. Pay the $25/vehicle fee at the entrance

3. 45 minutes looking for parking.

4. Hop on packed shuttle buses that run on a constant circuit.

5. 20 minutes on the bus

6. Reach the Visitor’s Center

7. Walk north another 5-10 minutes towards the South Rim. . . .



Worth the journey.


Photo Credit: Kelvin Sage


After around 2 hours walking around The Grand Canyon, we then traced our steps back to the parking lot and took our RVs south towards Flagstaff, which had its own share of pretty views fitting to Aaron Copland’s “Appalachian Spring” playing in the background.



After a quick dinner in Flagstaff we headed 3 hours west in the pitch blackness and are now staying overnight in the border town of Needles, California.

Tomorrow, we complete the last leg of our 6 day, 9 state journey along the entirety of Route 66 with an 8 hour drive across the Mojave Desert and northwards to San Francisco. (Yes, we know the historical end of Route 66 is supposed to be Los Angeles, but we got a ridiculous deal to drop off our RVs in SF instead of LA, so please forgive us).



- At time of posting in Needles, CA, it was 31 °C - Humidity: 5% | Wind Speed: n/a | Cloud Cover: clear


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