As promised, posting the group photos of our talk on international traveling (“Chasing Wanderlust 101!”) at the Midwest Asian American Student Union (MAASU) Spring Conference today.

Hello from the University of Wisconsin – Madison!



Thanks for coming to hear us speak and exceeding the limit of the space capacity for our workshop.

And of course no conference is complete without a reunion with old friends and family:


Ryan Takemiya

Vigor Lam and Jenn
Vanessa Teck and Jenn



It’s time to recuperate for a few hours. Because to put money where our mouth is, we are about to:


1. Party tonight with the rest of MAASU until 2am

(what ended up happening: colonizing the nearby Milio’s because they didn’t have a coat check for our bags)




2. Catch a 2:20am bus (luckily the bus pickup is a 2min walk from the afterparty venue) that’ll take us on a 3 hour ride directly to the Chicago ORD airport

3. Arrive to the airport at 5:30am

4. Take an 5 hour flight leaving from Chicago ORD at 8:30am for Aruba

5. Spend an 5 hour layover in Aruba

6. Get on a connecting 1 hour flight to Caracas, Venezuela, landing at 9:30pm

7. Meet up with the rest of a group on an overnight bus leaving at 10pm from Caracas CCS airport for Ciudad Bolivar

8. Arrive at Ciudad Bolivar at 5:30am in the morning

9. Catch a 7:30am flight to Canaima National Park

10. Take a small boat across the lagoon and past Hacha falls

11. Hike through the jungle to Sapo Falls

12. Reach the camp where we probably will finally get a full night’s rest — in a real bed — for the first time in 2 weeks.





- At time of posting in Madison, WI, it was 17 °C - Humidity: 25% | Wind Speed: 10km/hr | Cloud Cover: Sunny


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