The Gastronomic Detour To Eleven Madison Park

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Although we were supposed to head to Luxembourg this weekend, I decided instead for logistical/financial reasons to move the trip to Memorial Day Weekend. But even in the rare occasion where I would spend a free weekend staying put in this Siberian cold, a different kind of journey would serendipitously offer itself at the last minute: A gastronomic foray to the (EDIT: was #3 but now lifted to #1 only 3 weeks after eating there) Best Restaurant In The World and 3 Michelin Starred Eleven Madison Park. How could I say no?

Located in the art-deco blockbuster that shares the same real estate as Credit Suisse, Eleven Madison Park emanates classic old New York. And executive chef Daniel Humm has recently fine-tuned his tasting menu from 14 courses to 8-9, devoting more focus on each of his dishes. This unexpected, ballsy move actually led his restaurant to jump up a few places on the world’s best list and maintain its stellar 3 Michelin Star rating.

Tickets are expected to be pre-purchased on their website, and tipping is neither expected nor encouraged (Good move, Danny Meyer!).

Their current tasting menu is as follows:


BLACK AND WHITE – Savory cookie with Apple and Cheddar:


Rutabaga with Celery and Walnuts:


Celery Root with Black Truffle:


Salsify with Garlic and Thyme:


Parsnip Pie:


CAVIAR – Benedict with Smoked Sturgeon, Diced Ham, and Pickled Egg Yolk (our other favorite dish of the evening and an homage to probably the first dish I ever had that got me into learning about and loving good food: Wylie Defresne’s iconic Eggs Benedict dish from his now closed WD-50):


FOIE GRAS – Seared with Maple and Apple:


SCALLOP – thinly sliced with onions and cheese:


LOBSTER – Smoked and Steamed with Fennel, Clam, and Bouillabasse: 


DELICATA SQUASH – Roasted with Bone Marrow and Pumpkin Seeds:


OXTAIL – Braised with Celery Root, Chestnut and Black Truffle (it’s hidden inside!): 


DUCK – Roasted with Lavender Honey (Daniel Humm’s signature dish and arguably the best course of the evening):


CATO CORNER HOOLIGAN – Fondue with Baked Potato and Black Truffle:


BAKED ALASKA – With Apple Cider and Vanilla:


CHOCOLATE – “Name That Milk” (where you march 4 chocolate bars with the corresponding animal’s milk) and Pretzel with Sea Salt:



- At time of posting in New York City, NY, it was -10 °C - Humidity: 30% | Wind Speed: 10km/hr | Cloud Cover: clear


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