You’re Going To Crave … Italy

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You’re going to crave starting off your day with the simple combination of espresso and croissants, sadly accepting that the closest you can get to “something different” back home is perhaps a chocolate-almond combination, but never a pistachio-creme filled one…



You’re going to crave choosing among the diversity of light antipasti to begin your meal, whether it’s an antipast de mare:



prosciutto e mozzarella



…the crunchy bites of your bruschetta, made with diced tomatoes, olive oil, and oregano…



….the paper-thin sliced beef carpaccio with shredded parmesan



…and chunky buffallo mozarella with caprese salad



You’re going to crave pizza, tons of it.



You’re going to crave it especially as you’re making the food, while wondering all this time: “fuck it, why can’t I just order the damn thing and eat it now?!”



And you’re going to crave pasta, because you’re in freakin’ Italy.

From tonguing the soft pillows of each piece in your Gnocci in bolognese sauce



…to the al dente texture of your fettuccine (or is it pappardelle? oh who the hell cares: GET IN MY MOUTH)…



…or the sheer simplicity of cacio e pepe



…some penne alla sorrento anyone?



Need something heavier? How about some spaghetti carbonara?



Too much crabs? Is that such a thing? How about a fettucine with dorado fish?



You’re going to crave heading to the heart of Bolognese in Bologna, just so you can have bolognese lasanga



…or bolognese tagatelle



And if you haven’t had enough of craving tagatelle, maybe try it with duck ragu:



Is this scallops or did I get chicken? At this point you’re too hungry to care.



Especially if you’re going to offer me monkfish afterwards:



Craving Venice? Do their local risotto with cuttlefish and cuttlefish ink.



…or their traditional Venetian polenta:



Italy’s even got fast food right with Konopizza, aka Pizza in a cone!



You’re going to crave finishing your meals with the tricky art of Tiramisu, made with the coffee, sugar, lady fingers, and cream. As you can see, you can’t crave it enough after multiple attempts to fight the temptation:



And you’re going to crave gelato, tons of it.



You’re going to crave it, even when they look sad:



Enjoy it while it lasts, because it just won’t be the same when you’re back home.



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