To further prove how safe and tourist-friendly Tunis has remained, we booked a long session at the hammam at nearby Palais Bayram this morning. For a Turkish baths, mud scrub, and 30 minute massage, we got a great deal at about 120 dinars per person!



We spent about 4-5 hours getting pampered vegging out and drinking tea, before deciding to finally go for some sightseeing up north in Carthage, but more on that later. The first task was to find a way out of the medina so we could find the main train station.


Eventually we crawled back out the medina and towards the clock tower.


Then we turned right to reach the closest train station, Gare de Tunis at Place Barcelona.



For about less than 1 dinar a person, we boarded Train #6 heading 2 stops over to the train station Tunis Marine, which took about 5 minutes. Make sure you get on the train going in the right direction! People had to help us.

Afterwards we crossed a small street to get on the TGM line heading north towards Carthage and Sidi Bou Said.



Again for less than 1 dinar per person, we quickly ran on the TGM train before it departed.



Deciding that we had more than enough time to explore the sights north of Tunis, we decided to head all the way to Sidi Bou Said, a port town known for its blue and white houses hugging the coast, reminding everyone as being the “Santorini of Tunisia.”



If you’re heading south (as there’s no more north to go unless you want to hit the sea), turn left at any street to get views of the port and Lake of Tunis. They were totally worth it for the detour:



And from here we kept walking south along Rue du Maroc into Carthage.



- At time of posting in Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia, it was 23 °C - Humidity: 78% | Wind Speed: 13km/hr | Cloud Cover: clear with periodic clouds


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