Photo Credit: Sidian Lan; the irony is that he was the only one who didn't drink on the bus
Photo Credit: Sidian Lan


Coming from Belgrade via a detour to Srebrenica, we arrive in Sarajevo at 6:30pm at Travellers Home Hostel, where we dropped off our stuff and reunited with the 3 other monsooners Lei, Maria and Anthony.


Photo Credit: Rucha Deshpande


We would also be joined by Sarajevo local Berina, a cousin of Mihaela (once again that badass monsooner who arranged our transport from Belgrade to Sarajevo), who was kind enough to show us around.



We first started west at The Academy Of Fine Arts Sarajevo, formerly a church and now a fine arts school.



We then walked east along Miljacka River…



…before turning towards the beautiful pedestrian mall down Ferjadija, which was packed because of the international Sarajevo Film Festival that was going on at the same time.



We first stopped by at the City Market.



Afterwards, we walked further east to the ruins of Taslihan, a former inn for caravan travelers and now a bustling bazaar.



From there we stopped by at Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque, a serene oasis among the busy streets outside and the largest historical mosque in Bosnia & Herzegovina and one of the most representative Ottoman structures in the Balkans.



To the north of the mosque lies the Serbian Old Orthodox Church, which costs 3 marks to get in.

Like churches? You can also visit Sacred Heart Cathedral, a few meters down from City Market:


On the eastern end of the city center lies Sebilj, an Ottoman-style wooden fountain in the center of Bascarsija Square, and a prime location for pigeon squatting.



Walking a little southeast, we reached National and University Library of Bosnia & Herzegovina.



From here you can see Sehercehaja Bridge and right across from it Inat kuca, a restaurant that was taken apart and put back together brick by brick to be relocated for the National and University Library of Bosnia & Herzegovina.



You can also walk across to quickly visit Emperor Mosque:



After this, we headed up a steep incline for 10-15 minutes to reach the ruins of Yellow Fortress



…for city views at sunset, with the adhan (Muslim call to prayer) in the background:


Photo Credit: Rucha Deshpande


BTW, did I mention yet that 4 of us on the trip all went to the same medical school? Here’s our first Downstate reunion photo!



Lingering here for about 20 minutes, we then headed back into the city for classic Bosnian Pizza…



..and dinner at a local favorite Nostra Cucina, following with dessert most notable for a traditional Bosnian apple-walnut pastry…



…and alternative Bosnian ice cream at Egipat:



Then after Berina decided to be lame and head back for an early work day tomorrow (calling you out here!), we celebrated our first day in Sarajevo with a round of tea and shisha at Dibek/Male Daire Lounge.


Photo Credit: Rucha Deshpande
Photo Credit: Sidian Lan


We then walked back to the hostel, passing by the Latin Bridge (the site where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, leading to the outbreak of World War I).



(I would come back the next morning to pay my respects)


World War I just got served


While some of us retired at the hostel, others went out to Summer Lounge for further partying, making our Monday night the new Saturday night.


Photo Credit: Rucha Deshpande
Photo Credit: Rucha Deshpande


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