Noravank Me Later!

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Leaving the foggy backdrop of Khor Virap behind, we drove further southeast to Noravank, another Armenian monastery built in the 13th century in a narrow gorge made by the Amaghu River.



It’s also free to enter!



As the sun began to shine in, we took advantage of the natural lighting flooding the interiors of the churches inside the complex. 



It’s also built like a jungle gym with steps to climb up into hidden rooms inside as well as outside the buildings.



And like Khor Virap, there are pits to climb down as well:



Some of us hiked out towards the cliffs to get a bird’s eye view of the complex:



And after 30 minutes here we drove out further west for Tatev.



From here as you drive more southeast towards Tatev, the views outside our car will just keep getting better and better:



And I just can’t help it with random rest stops that survive out in the middle of nowhere:


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- At time of posting in Noravank, it was 6 °C - Humidity: 78% | Wind Speed: 6km/hr | Cloud Cover: partly cloudy


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