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5 years ago I crashed a random wedding in Lahore where of all the “WTF small world moments” I’ve had in my life I would run into an acquaintance named Ali Raza, whom I had first met briefly when I spoke at CUNY Baruch only a year prior.

Flabbergasted, we then took a photo together and he remarked that whenever he‘d get married he would invite me to come back to Pakistan and attend his wedding, insha’allah!



We then don’t speak until 5 years later when I get an invitation in the mail: He’s a man of his word.



And so am I. Pakistan 2.0, let’s go.

And this time with the help of Ali’s father, I avoided the shitshow I had went through last time trying to get a Pakistani visa and instead acquired my visa within 4 days. They even gave me multiple entry!

Ali was also even gracious enough to invite/let me bring along a few monsooners to help him celebrate. I present to you the monsoon wedding (haha get it?) party:


Calvin "O Captain My Captain" Sun - Expedition Leader | NYC | Emergency Medicine Physician | Columbia University '08, SUNY Downstate College of Medicine '14


Elisabeth "Group Photo Queen" Koechlin - Return Monsooner: Jan. 19 (Budapest) | Paris, France | University Lecturer


Venla "Bride Of ISIS" Maki Ikola - Return Monsooner: May '18 (Iraq) | Helsinki, Finland | ICU Nurse
Daniela "Emma Morley" Z. - Returning Monsooner: Jan. '19 (Prague), Mar. '18 (Central Europe) | Vienna, Austria

Evan "Wingman" Danek - Returning Monsooner: Jan. '19 (Prague) | NYC | Enterprise Applications Manager, Transit Wireless | Columbia University






And where we’re actually monsooning to March 12-16:





Islamabad, Pakistan
Lahore, Pakistan




I would end off with the usual, “if you’re interested we still have open spots!” but unfortunately I’m keeping this opportunity closed only to my loyal and return monsooners — I always reward loyalty, and I couldn’t ask for a better wedding party of folks who deserve a free trip!



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