Socotra-pped On An Island Paradise: Day 6 – A Monsooner Always Pays Their Detwah!

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After breakfast we took a stroll through the village this morning, including visit to the local garden where they plant new Dragon’s Blood trees.



Then from Dixsam we took an early morning drive west, passing by a few abandoned Soviet tanks from the days when Socotra Island was under communist rule.



We headed onwards to Qalansiya, the second biggest setttlement on the island. We made a quick stop here for supplies and a quick snack.



We then drove a few minutes east to hike across the gorgeous low tides of Detwah Lagoon.



Then here at the Detwah Eco-campsite (which is simply a big patch of sand and shrubbery) we made our tents:



After lunch and 2 hours of sitting around, we hiked around the cliffs of the lagoon to pay a visit to Abdullah, a man living with his family (who was nowhere to be seen…) in a cave since a hurricane.



He’s been cooking fresh seafood and entertaining visitors in his humble abode for years.



We even joined him on a sunset stroll through the lagoon, munching on his literally freshly caught sea urchin (aka unni!), crab, and puffer fish for dinner.



One of my favorite moments of the trip so far:




- At time of posting in Detwah, Socotra, it was 26 °C - Humidity: 78% | Wind Speed: 13km/hr | Cloud Cover: clear


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