Missing You From “Atar” – Into the White Valley!

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After an early breakfast in Ouadane we departed another drive out into the desert for Agrour to see some pre-historic paintings left there more than 6000 years ago.


Do you see the imprint of the human hand underneath the sun?

Humans? Aliens?



After 20 minutes here, we then continued forward to glimpse at the Mheirith oasis, mostly active in July when it’s date season and everyone comes here to harvest.



We then headed past the oasis for a really rough off-road excursion up and down various types of rocky terrain to visit the White Valley. Here, desert is trapped within dramatic cliffs – a breathtaking scenery.



After a few hours dune bashing up and down the desert cliffs, we finally stopped for a late lunch at Tergit/Terjit Oasis: Mauritania’s most picturesque place.



You can take a quick hike through here to see more of the valley:



After lunch and our hike we arrived early evening in Atar where we dropped off our bags at Hotel Des Caravanes:



. . . and had dinner back at Hotel Mer Et Desert, where we were treated to a local dance and music performance by the locals in Atar:


At their behest, some of us joined for some of their dances and learned how to play the drums before we had to turn in early at 10pm: Tomorrow will be our last day of the journey!



- At time of posting in Atar, it was 27 °C - Humidity: 16% | Wind Speed: 19km/hr | Cloud Cover: n/a


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