Announcing the World Premiere of our Short Film on Egypt 2019!

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TLDR: The Monsoon Diaries has always been at the intersection of ethical healthcare + travel for a global community. As we continue to provide updates on the ground for COVID-19, we also must take steps to rebuilding a future and life of responsible and affordable travel after COVID-19. This is one of those first steps. RSVP here.


Many of you already know that in 2010 I had lost a bet that little to my knowledge at the time prompted a formative experience: my first ever solo trip abroad that would take place in Egypt and eventually lead to the force of nature and travel blog that would later be known as The Monsoon Diaries. Many of you since have been and are now part of that journey.

As we continue to endure COVID-19 and yearn for the return of interpersonal connections again, this worldwide challenge of a generation may be our very next collective formative experience; a hardship that both reminds us to be grateful for the life we had before and encourages us to build a better one for the future. We owe ourselves that much.

Pandemic or no pandemic, we thus stay the course with a tradition: Next Wednesday we plan to commemorate not only my own 10 year anniversary of life, but also the half-year anniversary since 18 strangers met on November 27, 2019 and began a life-changing 8-day trip across 6 destinations in the country that started it all: Egypt.

We will also premiere the long awaited short film recapping the trip, directed and edited by the masterful Raubern Totanes, as well as with the assistance of our brilliant Creative Director, Diana KlattRaubern’s film embodies the unique nature of what it is like to travel with us, lights a fire in us to anticipate the day when we can all travel again, and acknowledges how the tiniest of decisions could lead to a worldwide thing. 

We thus invite you to join us next Wednesday for not only the reunion but also have the opportunity to ask myself and other fellow travelers about our adventures, stories, the pandemic itself, as well as how we will travel safely, responsibly, and affordably again after COVID-19.



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