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For Day 3 we raised our anchors at 9:30am and sailed further north to Bonifacio of Corsica.



And before we reached the marina, we moored briefly nearby at the seaside natural cliffs:



We then jumped in here for a hour’s worth of snorkeling and swimming to shores only accessible by a yacht:






Our skipper freedove in the meantime to hunt for sea urchins:



’twas a success:



It was a hit:



We then raised our anchors and sailed in slowly into the marina like it was something out of a movie.



Bonifacio is situated in the French Mediterranean on the island of Corsica and therefore no longer in Italy.



It’s known for its lively marina and medieval clifftop citadel.



The Citadel, also called “upper town,” is perched more than 70 meters high on a cliff overlooking the sea.



Once we docked at the marina…



…we started exploring:



With the “pass monument” for 3.50 euros per person here, you can visit the Fortress of the Standard and King of Aragon’s Staircase:



We decided to take the train up to the top for 6 euros per person (round trip). It runs every 20-30 minutes.



Take your time among old town streets:



Some of us walked through the cemetery…



…and reached the edge for the views of where we had just snorkeled:



We then headed back down to freshen up for dinner at Da Passano:



And conveniently enough B52 next door, a local legendary nightclub.



We had a little fun.




Ok, a lot of fun.



We then returned back to our yachts afterwards at 2am for the afterparties.



- At time of posting in Bonifacio, it was 24 °C - Humidity: 80% | Wind Speed: 10km/hr | Cloud Cover: clear