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This morning we kicked off with the Regatta; a yacht week tradition where we race other boats for the coveted award of bragging rights and a free pair of Blenders sunglasses. Our group’s chosen theme for Regatta was Burning Man/Mad Max so we constumed up appropriately:



After an epic image of all 21 yachts sailing together side by side — competing against one another for the best energy and vibe —



. . . we then spent the rest of the morning enjoying the peace of natural tranquility and a cooked meal onboard.



Eschewing docking on land today, our yachts arrived into the isolated inlets of Spargi and linked up in two rows for “the tunnel” to create a floating outdoor festival:



This is where you start taking photos for everyone back home to be jealous of:



No land? No problem. This is a vibe as I get out my camera when the floaties come out:




After a few hours diving and lounging on the water, we retrieved back our floaties and relaxed by sunset:



Then as the stars came out, some of us went to other yachts to party, some stayed on our yachts to party, and some just lied back and watched shooting stars until we slept into the next morning.



I felt it was at this point a “splice” occurred where the universe would intercede on our behalf. Whether a rabbit’s foot lucky charm or divine intervention, this is when I noticed when people really began to make connections.



- At time of posting in Cala Gavetta, it was 26 °C - Humidity: 74% | Wind Speed: 23km/hr | Cloud Cover: clear